Cybersecurity has become a growing concern for organizations due to the constant emergence of new threats, technologies, and trends. To empower and enable security practitioners and raise awareness of these issues, our second season of Security Leaders Perspectives features interviews with cybersecurity leaders from various industries. The topics covered include general cybersecurity and leadership, the cybersecurity talent shortage, the current and emerging threat landscape, third-party risk management, employee and insider threats, and ransomware.

Episode 1: What Keeps Cybersecurity Professionals Up at Night? Cybersecurity professionals discuss what keeps them up at night. Concerns include ransomware, geopolitical risk, overworked teams, phishing, keeping up with technology, securing customer data, and third-party risk. One expert cites the 2016 internet outage caused by a DNS provider as a nightmare scenario of concentration risk.

Episode 2: Emerging Trends & Pressing Cyber Threats: Insights from Industry Leaders. Cybersecurity leaders discuss emerging trends to watch for in cybersecurity, including third party risk, AI and machine learning, ransomware attacks, and cyber resiliency. They also emphasize the importance of planning for new vulnerabilities and updating internal processes to address the expanding attack surface.

Episode 3: Insider Threats and Employee Risks in the Age of Remote Work. Cybersecurity experts discuss the challenges of insider threats and employee risks, particularly in remote work environments. They suggest implementing zero trust concepts and improving employee engagement and awareness to minimize these risks. Additionally, using artificial intelligence can help defend against insider threats and attacks. Experts emphasized the importance of senior management buy-in and just-in-time education to improve security practices.

Episode 4: Insights from Cybersecurity Professionals: Curiosity and Cultural Shifts. Cybersecurity leaders share advice for new professionals to have curiosity and expect the unexpected. Success is defined as a cultural shift towards security and helping clients improve their cybersecurity posture. Cybersecurity leaders enjoy building security as a business and seeing innovation in a constantly changing field.

Episode 5: Closing the Cybersecurity Talent Gap: Insights and Solutions. Cybersecurity experts offer solutions to close the talent gap in the industry, including expanding the talent pool, investing in current employees, and promoting neurodiversity and gender diversity. They also suggest creating a welcoming environment for new entrants and considering transferable skills.

Episode 6: Extending Trust: Managing Third-Party Vendors Effectively. Learn from industry cybersecurity experts about the importance of third-party risk management in business operations, and how to effectively manage third-party vendors. Understand key risk indicators, the need for visibility, and the benefits of automation and orchestration.

Episode 7: Defending Against Ransomware Attacks: Best Practices for Organizations. Cybersecurity experts advise organizations on responding to ransomware attacks and minimizing the threat. They stress tabletop exercises, disaster recovery plans, and understanding critical assets. Experts recommend a strong cybersecurity posture with patching, equipment updates, and network monitoring. They also suggest using AI and machine learning for prevention and security awareness training to combat phishing and ransomware.

Episode 8: The Power of Diversity in Cybersecurity. Enterprise security experts stress the importance of diversity in cybersecurity and offer guidance for women and BIPOC professionals entering the field. They emphasize the value of diverse perspectives, mentorship, and self-belief in achieving success. The experts also discuss strategies for organizations to actively recruit and support a more inclusive cybersecurity community.

Featuring responses from:

  • Tom Kartanowicz – Regional CISO, Global Financial Services
  • Lamont Orange – CISO, Netskope
  • Marco Maiurano – CISO, First Citizens Bank
  • Rohit Agnihotri- Senior Director, IAM, Northwestern Mutual

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