Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Services

CRM Consulting – from Implementation to Managed Support

MorganFranklin collaborates with organizations to tackle complex transformative finance, technology, and business challenges. Through our industry and technical expertise, we embrace a holistic approach to empower businesses through technology. Our team comprises professionals with diverse skills, including experts in CRM and enterprise technology, along with traditional management consultants specializing in strategy, process optimization, and change management. This collective expertise enables us to provide comprehensive solutions that address the multifaceted challenges faced by our clients in their journey towards success.

CRM Capability Overview

  • 550+ Consultants worldwide
  • Certified Architects, Developers & Administrators
  • Project Managers, Business Analysts & Business SMEs
  • Access to 6000+ Consultants throughout the Vaco network

Clients By The Numbers

  • 1000+ Enterprise system implementations
  • 30+ Years of digital transformation experience
  • 10+ Years of experience per professional (average)

Impact & Value

  • Increase sales and revenue through optimized CRM processes
  • Enhance customer relationships, increasing customer retention
  • Automate manual processes to streamline operations, reducing cost
  • Maximize investments in technology to meet unique business needs
  • Increase scalability to accommodate additional complexity, data and users as the business grows and transforms
  • Enable reliable, informed, and quick decisions
  • Utilize business intelligence for data-driven insights
  • Reduce security and compliance risk to safeguard organizational data
  • Mobilize the workforce for increased flexibility
  • Lower long-term IT costs through strategic optimization

MorganFranklin’s Core CRM Services


We assess the current-state of your organization’s business and technology landscape. Next, we prioritize recommendations and develop a roadmap for the future.

  • CRM environment, integrations & data health checks
  • Business process analysis & stakeholder interviews
  • Gap analysis & scalability review
  • Recommendations & road mapping


MorganFranklin’s team comprises seasoned technology and transformation experts who specialize in seamlessly implementing new technologies, ensuring a successful and scalable introduction of CRM to your organization. Their proficiency extends beyond implementation; they excel in enhancing, customizing, and automating existing solutions to optimize and streamline functionalities according to your specific needs. Their expertise extends to custom integrations, facilitating efficient data management through the implementation or optimization of integrations tailored to your unique requirements.

In collaboration with your organization, we engage in a comprehensive approach to plan, design, and implement a CRM solution that empowers your business to achieve its strategic goals and objectives. Our services encompass:

  • Discover & Solution Design
  • Process Design & Automation
  • CRM Environment Consolidation & Migration
  • Custom Development & Testing
  • Data Migration
  • Enterprise Integrations
  • Deployment & Support
  • Training & User Adoption

Through these tailored services, MorganFranklin is committed to driving the success of your CRM implementation and ensuring alignment with your organizational objectives.


We provide scalable support that’s tailor-fit to your unique needs.

  • Help Desk
  • Support & Administration
  • Optimization
  • Training

Our Approach

MorganFranklin brings tools and methodologies to serve as the basis for our technology transformation and change management strategy.  We tailor our approach and methodology to align with each of our client’s specific needs and requirements. MorganFranklin is focused on prevention of problems versus inspection after the problem has surfaced.

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