Identify, Respond, Recover, and Prevent

Be Prepared With a Response Plan, but Continuously Prevent and Manage Any Incidents

Effective incident response is crucial regardless of your organization’s industry. When operationally supported by all departments, including IT, HR, and legal, your company will be best prepared to minimize damage and ensure a quick recovery.

MorganFranklin’s capabilities include:

MorganFranklin’s cybersecurity consulting experts can custom develop and implement a business-aligned incident response plan for any organization. Executives can rest assured knowing their business is prepared in the event of a cyber attack, and their InfoSec team is armed with the necessary tools, procedures, and training to respond quickly and effectively.

If your organization is under attack and needs immediate incident and response recovery services, we’re here to help via our 24/7/365 dedicated email support channel.

The MorganFranklin Way™

It is our goal to ensure companies generate relevant risk intelligence and that a proper incident response strategy is in place. In the event of a cyber attack, an organization will be prepared against the latest threats, having the best defenses enabled.

MorganFranklin’s cybersecurity experts align risk intelligence with response plan initiatives so that they’re in constant communication, providing the InfoSec team and infrastructure the most up-to-date information needed in order to protect the organization from a threat or breach.


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