Maximize Your Supply Chain, Retail Planning, and Category Management Investments

We Augment and Accelerate Supply Chain, Retail Planning, and Category Management Implementation Initiatives.

Whether you’re implementing or upgrading a new supply chain, retail planning, or category management solution, or perhaps you plan to archive and manage legacy systems, the choices are many. But trusted partners aren’t. We know how to get the job done effectively and efficiently.

Featured Partner:

Accelerate your Blue Yonder software implementation with our award-winning Agile Methodology and Toolkit™. It combines leading practices (such as the SCOR® model and Six Sigma), innovative tools, content-enabled templates and project plans with an Agile deployment methodology to deliver a faster return on your software investment.

We implement the Blue Yonder Planning solution in 20+ weeks.

Retail Planning

Our consultants are trusted by many of the largest names in retail. Whether you’re considering taking advantage of new technologies like AI, or breaking down the silos between merchandising, buying, and supply chain, our teams can steer your implementation with context across your entire enterprise.

Let’s Work Together

We are experienced, engaged professionals that are highly energetic and motivated to work in challenging, high stakes environments.

Space & Category Management

Space and Category Management software is both a significant investment and an integral component of a successful supply chain. We implement leading-edge space and category management tools, fine tune existing software, and help plan for future upgrades.

Our software implementation consulting team brings decades of combined industry experience in designing, upgrading, training and supporting category management solutions for major retailers, suppliers, manufacturers and retail support teams.

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Wolters Kluwer Implementation Partner

MorganFranklin, Vaco’s supply chain, retail planning and category management division, has partnered with Wolters Kluwer, previously known as Vanguard Software Corporation, to enable the future supply chain marketplace vision and growth. Wolters Kluwer offers a consolidated view of demand and supply across facilities, product families, and lines of business. From this vantage, it’s easy to factor-in promotions, advertising, new product introductions, seasonality, competitor actions, and virtually any driver that shapes short- and long-­term forecasts. With CCH® Tagetik Supply Chain Planning, all teams in the organization see and contribute to forecasts and plans on a single, unified platform. Review projections, model unlimited what-if scenarios, and align goals with expectations. The returns are dramatic: increased revenues, profitability, and customer satisfaction; all while reducing safety stock and other inventory-related expenses.

Full Service Implementation Partner

We provide the full range of implementation planning and support to meet your specific needs — from building, testing, training and go-live support to stabilization, optimization and upgrades. Our implementation methodology is proven, but flexible. Choose from a variety of options to fit your budget and time constraints – ranging from full service options (if you’re looking for the highest level of knowledge transfer) to more cost effective options that leverage your internal resources, yet still deliver high value results.

Trusted Project Support

Whether you need subject matter experts – like testing and documentation specialists – or just additional staff to maintain your supply chain planning operations, MorganFranklin’s experienced resources integrate seamlessly into your project teams to fill any gaps without disruption

We Make Change Stick

Adoption is critical to implementation, yet it’s often considered too late in the implementation process (or sometimes not at all). We build comprehensive change readiness across all levels of your organization and as part of the implementation.

We also implement leading tools, methodologies, and knowledge sharing systems to improve buy-in across your enterprise.

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