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Streamlined IAM Strategy and Services for Business Alignment

Business-Aligned Identity and Access Management Strategy, Implementation, and Managed Services

Our Cybersecurity practice provides IAM expertise to help define and deliver enterprise security risk and governance solutions. Our objective is to assist organizations in achieving business agility while effectively addressing a broad range of identity and access management needs, ensuring the right people have access to the right information.

Our Cybersecurity and IAM services are designed to assess the current state of the identity and access management program in place, identify the risks associated with any misalignment of users and their access, take action on risks associated with user access, and establish provisioning and governance controls to manage risks.

We assist in selecting, shaping, and implementing your IAM strategy to equip your corporation’s managers with greater control, establishing effective layers of protection against threats.

Expert Guidance and Solutions for Your IAM Challenges

At MorganFranklin, we provide expert guidance and solutions for your IAM challenges. Our consultants have a proven track record of helping organizations align their IAM services to business value. We can leverage our experience in implementing IAM use-cases to help you enable your business while inherently considering security and compliance. Our team has successfully helped numerous organizations apply a risk-based lens to how IAM controls are implemented across their enterprise.

Our experienced consultants can help you reduce the burden by sharing effective ways to eliminate rubber stamping of approvals or by re-engineering IAM processes to enable ownership and better leverage technology. We can assist you in scaling your IAM services and seamlessly absorbing new environments into enterprise governance frameworks.

We Provide Deep Professional Expertise

The MorganFranklin IAM team has the right expertise and experience to provide identity and access management services and implementation solutions for your company. Our IAM team recognizes the challenges organizations encounter improving security, restructuring operations, and handling access risk while maintaining compliance and keeping costs down.

Our security specialists work closely with organizations to provide the solutions that best match business and security objectives. To meet those objectives and realize operational improvements, we provide a service that offers a true end-to-end solution.

Identity and Access Management Services


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  • IAM Operations
  • App Factory

Centers of Excellence

We are a proud member of the Identity Defined Security Alliance (IDSA) – a community that provides the framework and practical guidance to help organizations put identity at the center of their security strategy.

The MorganFranklin Way™

At MorganFranklin Consulting, our Cybersecurity and Technology practices are tightly coupled together with the knowledge that new and emerging technology landscape cannot exist without cyber capabilities. We offer reassurance of appropriate access to resources, secured critical applications and sensitive data, reduced operational costs and increased productivity, timely security audits to uncover vulnerabilities, efficient compliance with regulatory requirements, and a flexible delivery model.


Review this case study to see how MorganFranklin can provide IAM solutions for your business.

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