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Organizational Change Management (OCM) and Business Readiness

Organization change management and business readiness are not just communication and lines on the roadmap, they are the most critical element to ensure the success of any organization-wide initiative. Here at MorganFranklin, our focus is to partner and co-create with leaders and team members in addressing the “people” element when establishing a change strategy. We do this from the beginning and ensure we support a successful transition post our engagement. Delivering a well-planned strategy will ensure that the individuals who are impacted by changes understand and own what effects them most, minimizing people and project related risks along the journey.

Typical triggers that require structured OCM support

Due to ever-changing consumer expectations, competition in the global economy and the Covid19 pandemic, organizations are constantly changing and evolving. The human element of organizational change can be difficult to navigate due to all the changes that are happening in today’s environment. Here are some typical triggers that people are facing in organizations and likely need organizational change management assistance.

Changes in Leadership

  • Departure/arrival of executives
  • Change in mission or strategy

Control Breakdowns

  • Material weaknesses
  • Financial restatements

Reporting Inefficiencies

  • Inability to produce financial or management reporting
  • Slow/inconsistent reporting
  • Data issues

Escalating Costs

  • Increasing overhead or administrative costs
  • Distributed, decentralized organization and back office

New Technology

  • Integration of new ERP or CRM systems
  • Shift from manual to automated processes

Transactions/Entity Changes

  • IPO, M&A or carve-outs
  • Legal restructuring

Ineffective Processes

  • Undefined processes
  • Ineffective or redundant activities

Strategy Changes

  • Significant capital raises
  • Major product or services shift
  • New strategic directions

At MorganFranklin, we have organizational change management experts that are familiar with these typical triggers and are ready to lead your business in designing and delivering solutions to enable and sustain your business transformation.

MorganFranklin’s Core OCM Capabilities

Today, there are numerous proven methodologies. Some models focus on changing the individual as a method of cultural change and some have structures and frameworks to move an entire organization towards focused change and improvement. There is not one “right” solution, but with research, exploration, and proper resource planning, MorganFranklin will work collaboratively to design, build, and operationalize a change management strategy that is customized for your precise need.  Here are the core OCM capabilities that we focus on:

  • Change Leadership (Engagement, Alignment)
  • Culture Migration
  • Target Operating Model Design
  • Employee Engagement
  • People Development and Training
  • Workforce Transition
  • Communications

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