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Today Is All About Being Efficient

Being efficient today requires consideration of evolving strategies, shifting market factors, and unprecedented realities. Companies need to be able to turn their market focus on a time and business processes need to scale and transform oftentimes faster! Not updating processes is often not an option since it results in customer complaints, billing errors, service delivery failures, and damage to reputation.

Through MorganFranklin’s business process reengineering (BPR), we help organizations reexamine their current processes and find opportunities for improvement around performance, processes, business applications, and organizational structures. Our tailored approach to BPR helps our clients improve overall productivity and eliminate process inefficiencies.

Common key indicators of inefficient processes

  • The business is reliant on labor intensive manual processes
  • There are lengthy approvals with unplanned redundancies
  • There is inefficient data/documentation storage and user controls
  • The business has limited ability to scale and add new business lines without ballooning expenses
  • There are manual or inadequate controls that create redundancies and inefficient processes
  • The enterprise infrastructure is bloated and not tailored to meet transactional need.

MorganFranklin’s approach to Business Process Reengineering follows a four-phase methodology. In order to ensure all process interdependencies are considered, MFC will evaluate end to end business processes including:

  • Assess to Acquire
  • Acquire to Retire (Fixed Assets)
  • Hire to Retire
  • Procure to Pay
  • Idea to Offering
  • Market to Order
  • Quote to Cash
  • Order to Cash
  • RMA (Return Material Authorization) – Sales Return Cycle.
  • Forecast to Delivery
  • Record to Report
  • Issue to Resolution
  • Plan to Inventory

Our Methodology

Assess – We begin business process reengineering by working with you to document current state processes. This enables us to identify opportunities to move the organization forward by determining what needs to be eliminated, improved, and or automated within the process maps.

Design – MorganFranklin’s team of experienced experts will work with your internal stakeholders to re-design your current processes. In order to prioritize which steps to take after the modelling and documentation is complete, MorganFranklin uses a quantitative model to identify, prioritize, and timeline each initiative that will draw an organization closer to its desired state.

Implement – The implementation phase allows our BPR experts to execute on the agreed upon recommendations, test the solutions’ abilities, confirm the results, and support the actual implementation.

Optimize – To successfully maintain stability, MorganFranklin provides post-implementation support and helps look for opportunities for continuous improvement.

The MorganFranklin Way

Business process reengineering is about creating value on all angles. MorganFranklin’s cross-functional expertise allows our experts to approach BPR from a variety of operational lenses – finance, technical accounting, technology and strategy.

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