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IPO Readiness Services

Taking Your Company Public?


Congratulations on deciding to go public! Although there is a lot of work to prepare for ringing the bell and life afterwards, the transformation into a public company is one that brings fulfillment to every function in the organization.

Successful IPO readiness requires implementing changes in all functions of the business. Once public, you will experience increased accountability to deliver on your estimates, new and accelerated filing requirements, more compliance regulations, and scrutiny by investors and analysts.

IPO Readiness Challenges

IPOs require a structured approach that will ultimately save you time and money. MorganFranklin is here to make sure you will stay ahead of all the requirements, including:

  • Navigating the IPO process and managing 3rd party relationships
  • Timely financial reporting
  • Drafting the registration statement
  • Addressing SEC comments
  • Transforming and preparing the organization for long-term success after the IPO

The MorganFranklin Way

MorganFranklin Consulting will help you develop a seamless strategy for going public from evaluation, to offering, to post-IPO operations. We work in lockstep with our clients and provide:

  • A thorough assessment and evaluation of your Company’s “readiness” to be public
  • Proven methodology of translating IPO challenges into cross-functional workstreams
  • 30+ years of combined experience with technical expertise of navigating each step
  • A clear path forward after going public

Meet Our IPO Readiness Experts

Chris Clapp Headshot

Chris Clapp

Managing Director

Chris Clapp has over 15 years of experience assisting companies prepare for IPO. He has driven results for eight Fortune 500 companies and looks forward to bringing his skills to solving your organization’s challenge.

Anil Persad Headshot

Anil Persad


Anil Persad serves as a Director within our Accounting & Transaction Services solution at MorganFranklin Consulting. He specializes in Technical Accounting and IPO readiness services, primarily focused on SEC reporting, preparing financial statements and related footnote disclosures, and assisting with complex technical accounting transactions.

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