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We believe that delivering results for our clients is only one part of our mission. Our team is committed to strengthening the communities where we live and work.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Investing time and energy to make a positive impact on the community, environment, and well-being of others is highly valued and encouraged. Many of our leaders and employees are actively involved in community programs and charitable organizations, serving as volunteers and board members. MorganFranklin is honored to contribute annually to numerous national and local charitable organizations through our corporate and employee matching programs.


Each year, MorganFranklin and the entire Vaco family of brands create professional opportunities for thousands of people and solutions for thousands of companies. People are the foundation of Vaco’s mission, and we understand the significance of drawing the circle wider to broaden our perspective, to connect on a deeper level, and to be a force for positive change in our world. Through our evolving ESG initiatives, we are committed to ensuring fairness in the workplace; encouraging expression and integration of diverse views and cultures; safeguarding the health, safety, dignity and well-being of all those we serve; and pursuing responsible and sustainable sourcing and operations.

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Diversity and Inclusion Initiative

We believe in the benefits of cultural dexterity, a business skill that enables effective collaboration and communication among people across multiple dimensions of diversity.

MorganFranklin’s Diversity and Inclusion Initiative is designed to attract, cultivate, and connect employees while promoting a culture of awareness and inclusivity consistent with our organizational objectives.

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Women’s Initiative

Our Women’s Initiative is committed to connecting and empowering women through mentorship, professional development, and career advancement. In 2008, MorganFranklin founded the Women’s Initiative with the vision to create a strong base of connected women leaders within the organization and the community. The program provides an effective avenue for the mentoring, development, and advancement of professional women through educational forums, networking events, and community involvement.

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Veteran’s Initiative

At MorganFranklin Consulting, we understand the sacrifices veterans have made for our country. We are dedicated to supporting the engagement and professional development of veterans to positively impact and promote veteran transition in our communities.

MorganFranklin is proud to support these organizations.

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