Our Women’s Initiative

Our Mission

MorganFranklin’s Women’s Initiative aims to educate and encourage all MorganFranklin team members to advance a more diverse workforce. Additionally, the initiative supports the firm’s continuous effort to empower the women of MorganFranklin and provide them the tools to achieve long term career success.

Address Unique Concerns

We believe our people are most successful when they have the everyday flexibility they need to meet the demands of their professional lives and accomplish the things they identify as priorities outside of their careers. The Women’s Initiative manifests the kind of success we want for MorganFranklin team members. Women can discuss and discover solutions to their unique work-life balance concerns and enjoy camaraderie in a congenial atmosphere.

Make The Most Of Your Strengths

As continuous learning is an essential part of the MorganFranklin culture, our Women’s Initiative allows participants to make the most of their strengths. This initiative serves as a forum where women can benefit from additional opportunities to sharpen managerial and organizational skills and enhance their personal professional development.


There is strength in numbers, quite simply. The MorganFranklin Women’s Initiative fosters an internal network where professional relationships grow stronger. And external networking opportunities allow participants to expand the scope of their professional development with access to the knowledge and experiences of successful women in the metropolitan region.

Community Counts

Philanthropy is no afterthought at MorganFranklin. Community concern is manifest in a number of ways and through a number of organizations— like the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. The MorganFranklin Women’s Initiative is designed to create an even more significant presence in the community.

Meet the Women of MorganFranklin

The MorganFranklin Women’s Initiative is committed to empowering women through mentorship, professional development, and career advancement. Together, we will:

  • Foster a network that supports women in navigating personal/professional goals.
  • Encourage and endorse women in their professional development and career advancement.
  • Strengthen business-related activities through a more diverse and dynamic workforce.
  • Maintain a culture dedicated to the advancement of women through community initiatives.

“The Women’s Initiative was a fantastic way for me to meet other women across the firm and across all levels, outside of my team. Through the various events (professional development and corporate social responsibility), I’ve enjoyed discussing various topics related to women in the workplace, learning from others’ experiences, and identifying strategies to continue moving the needle for women in the workplace.”

– Alison Schuster, Senior Manager

Recurring Events

MFC Talks
Our premier national event series where guest speakers and panelists share experiences, obstacles and the importance of inclusion and being a female leader in today’s environment. The event is followed by a reception where peers and industry thought leaders have the opportunity to network.

Coffee & Connectivity
Our quarterly internal event gathers the women of our organization to network with other peers.

A Seat at the Table Discussion Series
Our national event series enables MorganFranklin’s women to have a facilitated discussion around workplace culture, topical issues and closing the gender gap.

Community Events

  • Boys & Girls Club
  • DASH
  • Junior Achievement
  • women's initiative panel
  • women's initiative event
  • march of dimes
  • Women's Initiative Event in Atlanta

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