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Helping You Meet Complex Technical Accounting, Financial Reporting and Operational Challenges.

Does your team have the time they need to keep up with changes in GAAP to address your company’s complex accounting issues? Do you readily know the answers to the reporting implications of the transaction your company is about to close? Do you know where to begin to assess the financial statement impacts of adopting a new accounting standard and the resulting operational and internal control effects?

Keeping current with and understanding accounting standards and financial reporting guidance requires in-depth knowledge and expertise from technical accountants, which can be difficult for even the most capable finance and accounting teams.

Technical Accounting & Financial Reporting Challenges

No matter where your company is in the business lifecycle—from startup to exit and all the stages in between—it’s likely you will be challenged with complex accounting, financial reporting, or regulatory matters. Companies often do not have adequate resources to handle these challenges and, in turn, rely on MorganFranklin’s technical accounting and financial reporting service line to tackle these challenges head on, including:

  • Providing timely answers to technical accounting questions
  • Assessing and implementing new accounting standards
  • Preparing financial statements and SEC filings (such as Form S-1, Form 10-Q, Form 10-K)
  • Assisting with transaction-related demands (such as valuation, purchase accounting, carve-outs)
  • Preparing for an audit
  • Liaising with your auditors to address complex accounting and related internal control challenges
  • Stepping in to fill day-to-day operational needs
  • Translating and operationalizing a change in accounting guidance to your business
  • Assessing the design and effectiveness of your internal controls environment.

We provide hands-on assistance using a flexible approach that allows us to customize projects to your specific needs and adapt to any changes along the way.

The MorganFranklin Way

We help companies anticipate and respond to technical accounting challenges with our team of experts who have “seen it before,” through ensuring we have in-depth technical accounting expertise in diverse areas to address all of your accounting and financial reporting needs. At MorganFranklin, we pride ourselves on developing service offerings that address our client’s immediate challenges and are adaptable to address ongoing technical accounting and financial reporting needs. Our Technical Accounting Solution Center (TASC) provides on-demand support to help companies address ongoing technical accounting challenges. We work in lockstep with your team to provide:

  • Big-firm, national office service delivery
  • Seasoned experts with deep industry knowledge
  • Flexibility and execution of a small firm
  • Fast technical support
  • High quality, audit-ready deliverables

We view technical accounting and financial reporting to be more than just debits, credits, and disclosures. We certainly solve these issues, but we do so by taking a comprehensive approach by offering services that address each business’s unique set of obstacles and challenges. The following are additional capabilities and areas of expertise we offer in conjunction with our technical accounting and financial reporting service line:

  • Operational Accounting and Financial Analysis
  • Management Transition Services
  • Valuation Services
  • Audit Readiness
  • Internal Control Design and Effectiveness
  • IT Risk Assessment
  • Buy and Sell Side Diligence/Transaction Support

MorganFranklin’s technical accounting and financial reporting team is here to help you navigate these challenges by providing hands-on assistance. We are not constrained by the independence conflicts global audit firms often face working with their clients. Whether we work with you remotely or deploy experts to work with you onsite, count on the MorganFranklin team to dovetail seamlessly with your organization and give you peace of mind as we partner with you through to completion, ensuring the job will get done in a high-quality, timely manner.

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