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Empowering organizations to tackle transformational finance, technology, and business challenges.

Business Advisory Services

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Accounting & Risk Advisory

Our experts work with your company to address technical accounting and financial reporting challenges, ensure ongoing compliance, and effectively manage risk.

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Technology Enablement

We implement leading ERP, CPM, and other business technology solutions that harness the power of technology to inform better decision making, drive innovation, and accelerate growth.

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Strategic services for building and implementing cybersecurity solutions that ensure your systems and critical assets are best positioned to withstand potential threats.

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Transaction Services

Prepare for and execute M&A, IPOs, SPAC mergers, and other complex transactions requiring reliable and accurate financial information.

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Strategic Transformation & Program Execution

Our flexible approach enables organizations to be more dynamic and increases the success of transformational efforts.

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We build, implement, and optimize dynamic, reliable supply chain & retail planning solutions aligned with your business strategy. Meet demand efficiently and build network resiliency to adapt to business challenges, new regulations, and potential disruptions.

Who We Are

Some organizations evolve slowly. Some transform rapidly. None do so simply. No matter where your company is in the business lifecycle, MorganFranklin Consulting guides you through complex, transformational challenges. We are a powerful mix of business consultants, industry talent, and IT experts–eager to take on your challenges and create custom solutions that meet your immediate and long-term business needs.

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Transforming Your Organization’s Target Operating Model

Learn why organizations should be reevaluating their target operating model to create agility and efficiency during uncertain times.

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We Are Your Strategic Partners

Ready to take on your unique challenge, we hit the ground running and achieve results—not only through what we deliver, but in how we deliver it.