SAP Implementation and Support

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MorganFranklin Consulting is an SAP implementation partner and authorized license re-seller of exclusively SAP® solutions including SAP S/4HANA® suite, SAP SuccessFactors® and SAP Business Objects™.

We understand your technology investment is more than just software – it is about people, process, data, and change. That is why we are dedicated to simplifying and reducing risk of SAP delivery. Applying an experienced iterative methodology and using a real-time project collaboration tool, we provide collaborative, accountable, real time status tracking focused on end user enablement. Our transparent implementation approach validates the system design, data and people.

Our technology and transformation experts help existing clients maximize value from core SAP investments while preparing them for new innovations. We provide assessments, quick wins, knowledge transfer and design optimization to simplify or overcome any challenges. This is the first step towards readying for S/4HANA or just achieving better business results with what was already deployed and purchased.

MorganFranklin offers on demand on-shore post production application management support (AMS). We assist our clients with simplifying SAP through transparent delivery and responsive support performed collaboratively with a focus on knowledge transfer.


  • SAP License Value Added Re-Seller
  • Implementation Delivery, Assessments, Design Optimization
  • Industry Solution Architects & Certified Consultants
  • Technical On-Shore Developers
  • Turn Key Cloud Hosting
  • User Experience from Dashboards to Fiori apps
  • Custom End User Training & Subject Matter Expert Bootcamps
  • Application Managed Support (AMS) post production

Let’s Work Together

Our Expertise

We deliver best in class solutions in a disruptively simple way- uniquely harmonizing our client’s needs with exactly the right team, software and design to achieve a quick ROI. We are avidly intent on being a company that can hit the ground running, and where exceptionally talented consultants want to work. Where we constantly collaborate, enable, document and share our skills. Contact us to learn about our implementation methodology and post production support services.

  • License SAP value added re-seller of SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management, SuccessFactors and Business Analytics
  • Rapid Deployment Certified
  • Streamlined risk free methodology for delivery
  • SAP Enterprise Core Components (R/3 ECC) to S/4HANA Enterprise Management
  • Consulting Services & Successful Implementations
  • Industry Solution Architects & Certified Consultants
  • Turn Key Cloud Hosting Solutions with Cybersecurity
  • Custom Development & Reporting Dashboards
  • Super User Enablement & Quick Wins
  • Friendly End User Experience with Fiori Aps
  • Custom End User Training & Bootcamps
  • Assessments

Dedicated to Implementation Success

We partner with our clients to provide robust collaborative and accountable project management to reduce risk and ensure successful SAP implementations. Implementations can be complex and timely, and it’s critical to work with a partner dedicated to customer success. By utilizing our rapid deployment solution, we enable a quick, cost-effective method for standardizing processes. We adopt the latest industry innovations with core SAP while retaining the flexibility to extend the solution wherever and whenever needed:

  • we ensure stakeholder alignment with real-time collaboration tools
  • conduct iterative testing cycles
  • migrate to best practices after Fit/Gap sessions
  • prepare data (map, cleanse, convert, test)
  • lead daily ‘all hand’ team meetings
  • ensure team knows who, what, when, why & how with our collaboration tool

MorganFranklin’s methodology reduces risk and drives ownership into your organization.

Our project management delivery services include:

  • Project and Risk Management
  • Team Collaboration Tool
  • Daily Stand-Up Meetings
  • Real Time Project Status Tracking
  • Knowledge Transfer Fit/Gap Sessions
  • Documentation of To Be Processes
  • Data Mapping Templates and Conversion Planning
  • Cutover Calendar & Deployment
  • Training & Enablement of Subject Matter Experts
  • Conversion and Interface Development
  • Post Production AMS Support

Application Managed Support

With a team of highly skilled consultants applying an experienced driven methodology we help overcome current challenges, optimize existing design and drive innovation for growth. MorganFranklin’s managed support service is the first step towards readying for S/4HANA Enterprise Management, new products or simply achieving better business results with what you have already deployed. Through our proven methodology, we:

  • collaborate on deliverables, issues, tickets and questions in a central cloud based tool drives ownership.
  • apply an accountable approach ensures documentation is top notch, users ‘test and bless’ and knowledge transfer provided.
  • provide real time tracking of work means full transparency and keeps everyone highly Responsive.
  • ensure everyone on the team knows who is doing what, when, where, why and how with frequent ‘stand up calls’.


  • Better business results with your current SAP investment.
  • Support by a CONSISTENT team of U.S. based experts as needed, when needed.
  • Enable users by efficiently supporting their challenges, user experience, or just providing knowledge transfer.
  • Customizable Service Level Agreements to take advantage of our AMS team without having to maintain a full-time team in-house.
  • Functional & technical coverage: SAP S/4HANA or ECC, HCM, Payroll, SRM, Data Analytics, BW, FIORI, security, ABAP, OSS, support packs, BSI.
  • Additional SAP product coverage upon request.

Custom SAP Training

We offer SAP training to ensure our clients receive a maximum ROI from both SAP technology and their end users. Through our team of SAP Certified Instructors, MorganFranklin offers fully customizable training courses based on your SAP processes and data. We offer both formal classroom training for new users, or hands on bootcamp for experienced subject matter experts and help desk, your first line of defense.


  • Quicker adoption of SAP technologies.
  • Positive influence on change management.
  • Higher productivity and improved ROI on SAP investments.
  • Enabled subject matter experts, supported and empowered to help others