Beyond Consulting – IDEAS Initiative

Inclusion. Diversity. Equity. Allyship. Social Justice.

MorganFranklin’s IDEAS initiative supports the firm’s continuous efforts to foster an inclusive environment where all identities, cultures, and experiences are respected, embraced, and celebrated. Through open and honest communication, continuing education, and a spirit of constant growth and improvement, MorganFranklin endeavors to foster and actively encourage a true community of togetherness.

MorganFranklin Team Members

Our Mission

Our diversity and inclusion strategy starts with our people. We seek to build a firm that attracts, develops, engages, and retains diverse professionals. We believe in a diverse culture where openness, a sense of belonging, respect, and the freedom to be your authentic self, fosters advancement that better serves our firm, clients, and the community. Our strategy is to cultivate, empower, and advance our professionals by unceasingly fostering an inclusive environment where all identities, cultures, and experiences are respected, embraced, and celebrated.

Highlighted Initiatives

Reverse Mentoring

We turn the mentoring paradigm around. Whereas traditional mentoring is centered on the development of younger employees, in reverse mentoring both the reverse mentor and reverse mentee learn from each other. Program includes:

  • Firm leadership (reverse mentee) is matched with professional staff (reverse mentor) of a different gender, race, and/or generational marker
  • Structured one-on-one meetings between a reverse mentor and reverse mentee

The focus of reverse mentoring is to increase diversity and inclusion competencies and simultaneously provide both reverse mentors and reverse mentees the opportunity to learn from their respective experiences, knowledge base, and skills.

Jordan Scheiderer & Ronnie Melvin

Connect. Learn. Grow.

Through our IDEAS Learning Series, we spotlight important diversity and inclusion videos, topics and messages, followed by a facilitated discussion. The program allows our team members to have a discussion in an open and transparent forum, learn together, remove obstacles, and most importantly keep the conversation going. The series helps to advance understanding diversity and inclusion within our walls and open our minds to identifying ways to take action and drive change.

Diversity Initiative Team

Message from the CEO

chris mann

“MorganFranklin is committed to continuously building a diverse and inclusive workplace where our employees feel respected, valued, treated equally and have a sense of belonging. Our goal is to have a committee comprising of individuals whose experiences and expertise would enable a wide range of perspectives to help advance diversity and inclusion at our firm. We strive to create a safe place for ongoing, respectful and productive dialogue.”

– Chris Mann, Managing Partner and CEO

IDEAS Committee Executive Leadership

Jordan Scheiderer
fred hargrove