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Implementing event management logging, automating response to critical alerts, and establishing defensive tactics.

Keeping pace with cyber risks that are constantly evolving can be overwhelming for your organization to handle, especially if you don’t have the staff, talent, or bandwidth to oversee your entire cybersecurity operations—that’s where our experts at MorganFranklin can help. We will ensure your organization’s cybersecurity operations are efficiently designed and configured to minimize any business disruptions or damage caused by a potential cyber attack.

Let our experienced CyberSecOps team guide you on the path to integrating strategic cybersecurity operations that will optimize and automate your tools. With a customized focus on cybersecurity operations, you’ll have the proper defense tactics in place, an effective event management logging (SIEM) solution that pushes critical alerts automatically (SOAR), and a staff armed with a response plan.


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The MorganFranklin Way™

MorganFranklin’s approach to cybersecurity strategy and GRC solutions allows our consultants to better protect your organization’s brand against threats of all kinds. We’ll tackle the broader issues associated with corporate governance, enterprise risk management, and corporate compliance with a simple, structured approach.

By aligning with your business objectives, you’ll reap benefits such as:

  • Improved decision-making
  • Optimal IT investments
  • Reduced fragmentation with the elimination of silos

You may have a thorough understanding of the need for a GRC strategy, but you may not have the team or resources to implement internally. MorganFranklin can connect you with one of our GRC experts to create a business-aligned strategy that improves your GRC and overarching cyber security decision-making abilities. From security strategy, planning, budgeting and delivery, our consultants have a strong background in IT leadership and organization design. Whether you need part-time, interim or fully outsourced help, MorganFranklin is your trusted source to define and implement an effective GRC strategy.

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