Amidst a rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape, staying ahead of emerging trends and threats is vital for organizations. To glean insights into these areas, we consulted industry experts. Below are their key insights.

Third-Party Risk

Michael Orozco, Managing Director – SecOps, Infrastructure & Innovation Leader, warns that third-party risk is becoming an increasingly important issue. “We depend on our vendors to be secure themselves and they in turn expect their vendors to be secure. So, I would say that the trend that I’m watching the most is the notion that oftentimes we assume that everyone takes the same level of care and investment, but that’s not true.”

AI and Machine Learning

Tom Kartanowicz, Regional CISO, Global Financial Services, highlights the challenge and opportunity of AI and machine learning. “On the defender side, AI is really potentially very helpful. But the attackers, the malicious folks, could try to compromise that as well and corrupt it, and that could lead to very, very dangerous situations.”

Ransomware and Cyber Resiliency

Marco Maiurano, CISO, First Citizens Bank, emphasizes the importance of cyber resiliency and being prepared for ransomware attacks. “How do we make sure that we’re able to respond to a cyber event? Because it’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when.”

Internal Processes

Tom Kartanowicz, Regional CISO, Global Financial Services, also notes that organizations need to take a hard look at their own internal processes and make updates where necessary. “Your internal processes might not have been updated in five years, ten years. They might have been designed, and your teams might have been designed, when the threat landscape was very different. So, I kind of put a different spin on this where one of the top threats that organizations face is themselves.”

Planning for New Vulnerabilities

Lamont Orange, CISO, Netskope warns that new vulnerabilities are always emerging, and organizations need to be prepared. “I think what we sometimes will overlook is what are those new vulnerabilities that we have to track? Those zero-days, those unknown zero-days that we’ve been living with for years. How do we deal with those things? I think that’s that that’s going to require a plan.”

As the threat landscape continues to evolve, organizations must stay vigilant and adapt to new challenges. By keeping an eye on emerging trends and being proactive in their approach to cybersecurity, they can minimize their risk and protect their assets.

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