Security Leaders Perspectives Video Series

Hear from industry leaders as they discuss pressing issues and decide “what’s next” for their own security programs.

Security Leaders Perspectives: Season 1 Trailer

Learn from industry security leaders as they respond to today’s cybersecurity challenges and share tips for creating a cyber-resilient framework.

Ep1: COVID-19 Impact on Cybersecurity

Security leaders were asked how COVID-19 impacted cybersecurity. Their answers highlighted a need for adaptation, expanded responsibilities, and increased accountability and scrutiny.

Ep 2: Current Trends in Cybersecurity

When asked about the trends that they are seeing in the industry, cybersecurity experts’ answers ranged from increased diversity to new and upcoming cybersecurity challenges.

Ep 3: Pieces of Advice

When asked to give advice to their younger self or those shifting into the industry, our security leaders highlighted the importance of hard work, using available resources, and thinking of cybersecurity as part of the business.

Ep 4: Good vs Outstanding

Companies need outstanding security leaders to tackle critical cybersecurity challenges. But how do leaders rise to that level, especially in a competitive field that’s always changing? Hear firsthand from industry leaders, as they share their thoughts on which qualities separate the good from the outstanding.

Ep 5: Are We There Yet?

Cybersecurity threats continue to rise, but are companies adequately responding? Hear what security leaders have to say in episode 5 of our Security Leaders Perspectives Series.

Ep 6: Who Should the CISO Report To?

Security leaders are asked whom CISOs should ideally report to. They discuss how different reporting chains impact CISOs’ abilities to do their jobs.

Ep 7: Evolution of the CISO Role

Our security leaders describe how the role of the security professional or CISO has evolved during their time in the industry.

Episode 8: Joke Reel

Keeping your organization secure is no joke, watch our Season 1 Security Leaders lighten the mood with their witty remarks.

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