“Business as usual” is changing rapidly for many organizations. The COVID-19 pandemic inspired a widespread shift to telework, adding complexity to an organization’s operations and network infrastructure. The passage of new data protection laws, like the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA), redefine how companies can collect and use their customer data. The growing cybersecurity talent shortage places organizations in a position where they struggle to adequately staff core security positions.

All of these shifts present new challenges for cybersecurity leaders. These leaders are responsible for identifying these important trends and positioning their organizations to meet them in a secure fashion. This is in addition to their existing workloads and responsibilities to protect their organizations against ongoing attacks.

With everything that is currently going on, it is easy to be overwhelmed or uncertain about how to address the changing face of cybersecurity. To help with this, MorganFranklin has taken the lead in creating the Security Leaders Perspectives series.

Cybersecurity leaders from various industries have been invited to answer a broad range of questions ranging from cybersecurity trends, predictions and insights, to more lighthearted, personal questions designed to help foster connectedness during uncertain times.

We’ve collected their answers to these questions and will be releasing them in a series of short videos, each focused on a particular question. Our hope is that these videos will foster an environment of discussion and collaboration during these unusual times and help to inspire leaders as they decide “what’s next” for their own security programs.

Featuring responses from:

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