Cybersecurity Is Becoming More Diverse – Chris Carlson 

“Security folks are more reflective of the diverse world that we live in.” 

In the past, cybersecurity professionals were typically male and usually a former hacker because they had the knowledge and skill sets required to do the job. Now, the cybersecurity industry is growing more diverse and inclusive. 

Personal IoT Risks Personal and Professional Security – Benjamin Corll 

“IOT is going to be ripe for data harvesting if something does not change in the, in the near future.” 

With increased telework, Internet of Things (IoT) devices become an important component of personal and corporate security. Remote workers are connecting these insecure devices to the same network as their business devices. These devices may be able to overhear and record sensitive business conversations, yet they generally treat data they collect as non-sensitive and do not properly secure it. 

Regulatory Compliance Is an Impeding Challenge – Leon Ravenna 

“What data do we actually capture as a company, how do we use it? Who do we send it to? How do we protect it?” 

Companies generally collect data without justifying their data collection and usage. With the advent of new data protection laws like GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD, businesses will need to suddenly consider how they manage consumer data and how to comply with these new privacy laws. 

Maximizing Current Tool Investments – Leon Ravenna  

“How much more value can I get out of the tools that I’m using?” 

Many organizations only leverage a fraction of the capabilities of an application. Considering how to maximize value from these applications both saves money and expands a businesses’ capabilities. 

The Rise of Adversarial AI Raises the Bar – Larry Trittschuh 

“As attackers start to use artificial  intelligence, I think it’s going to raise the game for all of us.” 

Attackers develop new tools and techniques just like cyber defenders, and they are investing in the same technologies and capabilities. As artificial intelligence and machine learning become a core part of cybercrime, detecting and defending against these automated and intelligent attacks will be much more difficult. 

Security is Becoming Personal – Larry Trittschuh  

“The product or platform aspect of security is  starting to become much more prevalent and more personal.” 

The average consumer now has many Internet-connected devices, and this trend continues to grow. As consumers look to secure their connected TVs, refrigerators, and cars, they will encounter many of the same challenges that businesses face today. 

The Growing Threat of Ransomware – Tim Tillman 

“You can have everything right in your network, you could still get hit by ransomware.” 

Ransomware is a highly successful type of cyberattack, and has become the primary cyber threat to many organizations and industries. Defending against ransomware is complex because it often takes advantage of the human element. 

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