In the current digital landscape, ransomware attacks have become a major threat to organizations of all sizes. These attacks can severely impact operations, compromise sensitive data, and result in financial losses. To effectively address and minimize the risks associated with ransomware, organizations need to take proactive measures.

In episode 7 of Security Leaders Perspectives, cybersecurity experts Marco Maiurano, CISO of First Citizens Bank, shared his insights on the initial steps and best practices that organizations should consider when dealing with ransomware threats.

How should organizations respond to ransomware attacks? What are the first steps and best practices?

According to Marco, practicing tabletop exercises and having disaster recovery plans in place are crucial steps for organizations. Understanding the location of critical assets and processes is also essential. Marco emphasizes the importance of having a well-defined plan specifically tailored to ransomware incidents.

What do you see as the future of ransomware prevention?

Marco acknowledges the advancements in technology, such as AI, machine learning, and behavioral analysis. These technologies provide opportunities for organizations to enhance their capabilities in combating ransomware. Leveraging automation and innovative solutions offered by vendors can play a significant role in preventing and mitigating ransomware attacks.

How beneficial are security awareness trainings to limit employee phishing and ransomware success?

Marco emphasizes the importance of security awareness training for employees. By keeping the entire staff informed about cybersecurity threats and the latest trends, organizations can empower their workforce to be a strong line of defense. Creating a culture that prioritizes security and instills trust among customers and employees is vital, and security awareness training contributes to achieving this objective.


As the threat landscape continues to evolve, ransomware attacks remain a formidable challenge for organizations. To protect their operations and sensitive data, organizations must be proactive in their approach to ransomware defense. By implementing the best practices outlined by our Security Leaders, they can enhance their resilience and minimize the impact of potential ransomware incidents. Remember, preparation is key in the fight against ransomware.

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