In a world where cyber threats are constantly evolving, it’s no surprise that cybersecurity professionals have their fair share of concerns. In this episode, veteran cybersecurity experts shared their thoughts on the issues that keep them up at night. From geopolitical risks to the rapid expansion of technology, these experts had a lot to say about the current state of cybersecurity.

Geopolitical and Third-Party Risks

Tom Kartanowicz, Regional CISO, Global Financial Services, expressed concern about the downstream effects of geopolitical risk, stating that “a lot of cyber risk is downstream from geopolitical risk.” He also highlighted the dangers of third-party risk, citing the massive internet outage in 2016 that was caused by a DDoS attack against a major DNS provider.

Maintaining Team Engagement to Prevent Cybersecurity Gaps

Lamont Orange, CISO, Netskope, focused on the importance of maintaining balance within cybersecurity teams to prevent gaps from being manipulated within the environment. He stated that “if you don’t have a person or team that’s engaged and you don’t have their full attention, that’s when you enable gaps to be manipulated within the environment because they’re not as focused.”

Phishing Attacks: A Major Cybersecurity Weakness

Michael Orozco, Managing Director – SecOps, Infrastructure & Innovation Leader, emphasized the continued threat of phishing attacks, calling it “one of the greatest weaknesses to any cybersecurity defense program.” He stressed the importance of user behavior and adherence to cybersecurity protocols.

Keeping Up with the Rapidly Changing Technology Landscape

Marco Maiurano, CISO, First Citizens Bank, highlighted the challenge of keeping up with the rapid expansion of technology and predicting how threat actors will use it against organizations. He posed the question, “are we able as information security professionals to keep up with the changing technology as rapidly as it is changing?”

Ensuring Customer Data Security

Finally, Rohit Agnihotri, Senior Director, IAM, Northwestern Mutual, emphasized the importance of data security, stating that “the risk that exists to us and that keeps me awake at night is to make sure that the data for our customers is secure.” He stressed the need to ensure that customer data does not fall into the wrong hands.

The concerns raised by these experts highlight the importance for organizations to prioritize cybersecurity in their operations. To stay ahead of cyber threats, it is essential to remain vigilant and adapt to new challenges as they arise. By taking proactive steps to address cybersecurity risks, organizations can help safeguard their data and protect against potentially devastating breaches.

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