In today’s ever-changing and diverse field of cybersecurity, it can be challenging for new professionals to know where to start. We’ve gathered advice from cybersecurity leaders to help guide those just starting their careers.

The Importance of Curiosity

According to Rohit Agnihotri, Senior Director, IAM, Northwestern Mutual, having a sense of curiosity is essential. “This is an ever-changing field. We are never expected to be an expert in anything that we do. So, have that sense of curiosity within you as to why things are working? Why is it not breaking? How can I break it?”

Expect the Unexpected

Michael Orozco, Managing Director – SecOps, Infrastructure & Innovation Leader, advises new professionals to “expect the unexpected. If you think it might happen, it will happen. If you believe that it won’t happen again, it will certainly happen again.”

Defining Cybersecurity Success for an Organization

When it comes to defining cybersecurity success for an organization, Marco M. believes it’s about a cultural shift towards security. “Everything we do within it is with security at mind. How do I enable a secure journey for my employees as well as for my customers that are accessing my systems?”

Orozco also adds, “We define success by the ability to help organizations meet their goals of improving their cybersecurity posture, maturing their defenses, and really be proportionally ready for the attacks that may come.”

Favorite Aspects of Being a Cybersecurity Leader

When asked about their favorite part of being a cybersecurity leader, Lamont Orange, CISO, Netskope, says, “We have the opportunity to build security as a business. This is an opportunity for us to show that we’ve evolved cybersecurity into a form of a business leader. We’re worried about the same things that everyone in the C-suite is worried about today.”

Orozco agrees, stating that his favorite part is “the excitement of seeing innovation. It’s a constantly changing and evolving field. It’s never a dull moment, that’s for sure.”

In summary, curiosity, expecting the unexpected, a cultural shift towards security, helping organizations improve their cybersecurity posture, and the excitement of innovation are all important aspects to consider for those starting their careers in cybersecurity. As Lamont Orange says, cybersecurity is no longer just about the technology and “ones and zeros,” but an opportunity to evolve into a form of business leadership.

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