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A Comprehensive Approach to Identifying, Assessing, and Mitigating Risk

Risks are inherent in every business decision. By having a structured Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework in place that proactively manages risk, companies can not only minimize potential losses, but also identify opportunities for growth. ERM helps organizations gain greater control and visibility of risk. We help organizations build an ERM framework and program that is tailored, aligns with the overall risk strategy and enables risks to be identified, monitored, mitigated and managed.

Our Approach

MorganFranklin’s Enterprise Risk Management approach is efficient and comprehensive. By simultaneously focusing on value protection and value creation, we identify the principal risks and ensure they are managed in accordance with the business’s risk appetite.

Our team has extensive experience developing best in class ERM programs across organizations, sectors, and industries, providing support in several ways including:

Assess: We assist in conducting a comprehensive assessment of an organization’s risks. Our team identifies potential risks, evaluates their likelihood and impact, and prioritizes them based on their significance to your organization’s objectives.

Design: We help develop a risk management strategy and framework tailored to the specific needs of your organization. Our professionals work closely with your company’s leadership to define risk appetite, establish risk tolerance levels, and develop policies and procedures to effectively manage risks.

Launch: We implement processes to support the on-going management and mitigation of risks, including the development of key risk indicators and the creation of an ERM decision-making framework and/or responsibilities matrix.

Operate: We support on-going monitoring and re-evaluation of ERM process performance and organizational risk.

The MorganFranklin Way

Our ERM philosophy fosters strategic and operational decisions that maximize enterprise value while managing reporting and compliance risks.

Our team of Risk & Regulatory Advisory professionals:

  • Understand that effective risk management is core to driving value and meeting business objectives.
  • Focus on helping clients build and maintain highly effective risk management functions.
  • Analyze an organization’s processes and provide tactical solutions.
  • Provide insights and recommendations that are client focused and industry specific.

We serve clients ranging from private growth companies to Fortune 100 global companies. Key industries served include:​

  • Aerospace & Defense​
  • Energy, Utilities & Resources​
  • Financial Services​
  • Healthcare​
  • Industrial Manufacturing​
  • Pharma & Life Sciences​
  • Retail & Consumer​
  • Technology​

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