Track, Analyze, and Report Security Threats

Integrate Third-party Tactical, Operational and Strategic Intelligence that’s easy to Understand

Cyber attacks can cause hardship to an organization of any size in a matter of minutes. A company could have data spread across the nation, continent, or even the world. Cyber intelligence solutions need to work on a global scale. MorganFranklin can provide the intelligence required to protect an entire organization.

MorganFranklin recognizes the need for a comprehensive cyber intelligence solution that spans across all channels of business. We can be a resource in tackling the often complex influx of data IT teams receive on a daily basis, helping them observe, monitor, and protect against security risks.

We’re unlike every other cybersecurity consulting agency — our team is made up of industry experts who have the experience and wherewithal necessary to help corporations in a variety of industries with their cyber intelligence. And since cybersecurity challenges are different for every business in every industry, MorganFranklin provides global resources and advanced technologies to address those differences. Together, we’ll implement integrated solutions tailored to the cyber intelligence needs across the entire value chain.

MorganFranklin’s cyber intelligence services include:

  • Integration of tactical, operational and strategic intelligence
    • Tactical Intelligence: What’s happening in the now that directly affects an organization.
    • Operational Intelligence: Data that informs day-to-day decisions, resource allocation, and task prioritization.
    • Strategic Intelligence: Analysis and information that defines the type of threat posing risk to an organization. This data also breaks down the motivation, capability, and potential impact of the threat, allowing cyber teams to plan accordingly.
  • Recommendations to reputable intelligence feeds to integrate including FS-ISAC, FireEye, RecordedFuture, ThreatStream, and many more.


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The MorganFranklin Way™

MorganFranklin helps your organization generate risk intelligence that directly benefits your incident response strategy. In the event of a cyber attack, you’ll always be prepared against the latest threats with the best defenses.

MorganFranklin’s capabilities include:


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