Provide Appropriate Access, Reduce Internal Risk

Limiting Access to Unnecessary Assets

For many organizations, users have access to more than is needed to perform core duties. To keep an organization’s information safe, access to data and other valuable assets should be limited. A secure access management solution enables an organization to accurately and securely validate and process access requests.

MorganFranklin’s advisors can provide an organization with the insight needed to implement access management that works with existing internal or external frameworks, policies, and technologies.  This enables a seamless transition, promoting appropriate access to data and resources across an entire organization.

How We Can Help

Our cybersecurity experts will work to develop scenario playbooks and deploy automation based upon the way that a company currently accesses data. We can advise an organization on the design of a platform that meets the needs of the company, and then deploy a team of engineers, developers, and analysts to get it running on existing systems.

A team of MorganFranklin experts will write the policies to secure, control, manage and monitor permissions across users, accounts, processes, and systems. We’ll train your InfoSec team on the platforms we implement, as well as the written policies, and provide insight and tools they need to manage it once implementation and testing is complete.

MorganFranklin can improve and redefine the way an organization maintains their enterprise access management program. This includes support for:

  • Web Single Sign-On (SSO): Unifying Web Authentication

Multiple parts of an organization’s internal and external web presence require user authentication and authorization to properly secure sensitive data. Web SSO frameworks simplify this process for employees by maintaining a user’s authenticated state throughout their entire web session.

  • Adaptive Access: Managing Risk with Stronger Authentication

Different information and resources carry different levels of risk. Adaptive access enables an organization to easily require more robust authentication for riskier assets, while enabling easy accessibility for low-risk resources.

  • Reverse Proxy: Simplifying Web Request Fulfillment

A reverse proxy sits behind the company firewall and forwards web requests to a server capable of responding to it. This simplifies the user experience and reduces the amount of information about an organization’s internal network structure that is shared with third parties.

  • Federation: Unifying Identity Across Organizations

Contractors and third-party partners require limited access to an organization’s systems, but creating accounts within an organization’s identity management system is time-consuming and creates complexity. Federation enables secure sharing of a user’s identity across organizations, simplifying authentication and access management for partner organizations.

Products & Tools/Partners

MorganFranklin can help with deployment of a wide variety of access management solutions, enabling organizations to select the solution best suited to their environment and needs.  Commonly used solutions for access management include:

  • Ping: Ping provides access management for cloud and on-premises deployments. Features include federation protocols, an integrated web proxy for on-premises applications, and support for multi-factor authentication.
  • Okta: Okta is designed to support organization’s cloud infrastructure, including federation protocols and support for applications deployed in the cloud. It also includes integration support for on-premises applications and built-in multi-factor authentication.
  • SecureAuth: SecureAuth provides federation protocols and support for multi-factor authentication for on-premises and cloud-based deployments.


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The MorganFranklin Way™

MorganFranklin knows IAM is becoming increasingly business-aligned, requiring more than just the technical expertise of the provisioning team, and is playing a more crucial role in many cybersecurity programs. Enterprises that develop mature IAM capabilities can reduce identity management costs and become significantly more agile in supporting new business initiatives.

MorganFranklin will help select, shape, and deliver your IAM strategy in order to equip your corporation’s managers with more control, building effective layers of protection against threats.

Our cybersecurity experts can implement complex aspects of IAM, including:


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