Scanning Business Application Environments While Driving Remediation

Identify, Investigate, and Prioritize AppSec Vulnerabilities

Web and business applications must be continuously, possibly automatically, monitored and scanned for vulnerabilities. InfoSec teams need to be aware of these vulnerabilities in order to properly maintain secure applications. A variety of automated scanning tools and services exist to analyze systems to provide information regarding insecure configurations, malware infections and open ports. A programmatic approach to remediation of these findings then ensues including patching, updating, changes in software configuration or security policy and procedure updates.

For an organization to have an effective application security vulnerability management program, substantial resources from information security teams are required to select appropriate tools and services, those decisions need to be integrated, and then companies must successfully develop and maintain a strategy to keep them up to date and performing. MorganFranklin can provide these services: tool and solution assessment and recommendation, software configuration and implementation, scanning, reporting, remediation practices, setting security policies, and application owner education — for a comprehensive vulnerability management program.


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Custom AppSec Vulnerability Management Program

MorganFranklin understands that powerful technology doesn’t automatically translate to success. Our cybersecurity consultants are experts and can help an organization define key risk areas and provide an intelligence-driven context. Together, we’ll create custom remediation activities that will reduce overall vulnerability. We enable organizations with a strategy to identify risk and patch so that critical data stays protected.

Working with MorganFranklin, a vulnerability management program might include:

  • Patching programs
  • Changes in network security policy
  • Recommendations on software reconfiguration
  • Application owner education

Our approach starts from a business perspective, allowing us to align staff and teams with the resources needed to prioritize a cybersecurity program based on defined objectives and unique vulnerabilities.

The MorganFranklin Way™

No matter what the needs of an organization are, MorganFranklin is here to provide the application security program needed to enhance cybersecurity posture. Our teams of advisors, engineers, architects, developers and analysts will integrate security throughout the lifecycle of an organization’s business applications, allowing for better vulnerability management and the prevention of cyber attacks.

Our application security program offerings include:


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