Test and Identify Security Vulnerabilities in Applications

Catch Security Flaws Before They Cause Hardship

Testing application source code early in development, but also testing current, running apps, and web apps is a vital part of identifying security vulnerabilities. Static Application Security Testing (SAST) can identify vulnerabilities in the application source code early in the software development stages, while Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) identifies security vulnerabilities in a running application.

In addition, Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST) has been introduced to handle and test the frameworks found in modern web and mobile apps, where SAST may have a difficult time. Organizations need to be aware of the apps running on systems and the vulnerabilities those apps may introduce in order to prepare and minimize potential damage.

Installing Run-time Application Security Protection (RASP) may be beneficial to certain organizations’ app security as it works inside the application, protecting the app and its data. RASP allows an app to run security checks continuously and respond to live attacks by terminating the bad actor’s session and alerting the InfoSec team of the attack.


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Execute Organization-wide Application Testing

MorganFranklin’s cyber consultants have years of experience with application security testing methodologies that are used to find vulnerabilities that make a company susceptible to an attack. SAST, DAST and IAST each offer different testing strategies with distinct benefits, but work in tandem to ensure the security of an organization’s applications.

Utilizing these technologies efficiently and effectively can create applications, software and programs that are more secure for organizations, helping them feel comfortable and confident in installing on their systems.

The MorganFranklin Way™

No matter what the needs of an organization are, MorganFranklin is here to provide the application security program needed to enhance cybersecurity posture. Our teams of advisors, engineers, architects, developers and analysts will integrate security throughout the lifecycle of an organization’s business applications, allowing for better vulnerability management and the prevention of cyber attacks.

Our application security program offerings include:


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