End-to-End Security Integration for Your Software, Applications, and Development

Secure, Run, and Maintain Your Business Applications

Protecting business applications from threats, while keeping them continuously available to users is necessary for secure business operations. Developing an AppSec Program helps remove business applications from being primary points of attack. Securing an organization’s mobile, email and web applications needs to be prioritized in order to protect data, users and the business.

Our approach to application security covers an entire business application secure software development lifecycle end-to-end. We review a business application’s internal framework, the company’s policies and procedures specific to that app, and then identify the risks and vulnerabilities associated with its usage. It is MorganFranklin’s goal to improve overall cybersecurity posture while addressing the specific needs a company has within education, design, implementation, and review of applications, products, and services.

Our application security program offerings include:

The MorganFranklin Way™

No matter what the needs of an organization are, MorganFranklin is here to provide the application security program needed to enhance cybersecurity posture. Our teams of advisors, engineers, architects, developers and analysts will integrate security throughout the life cycle of an organization’s business applications, allowing for better vulnerability management and the prevention of cyber attacks.


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