Plantensive Partnered with Restaurant Supply Chain Solutions (RSCS) to help optimize and expand their Blue Yonder Supply Chain Planning environment.


Plantensive formed a strategic partnership with RSCS, Restaurant Supply Chain Solutions, with the primary aim of tackling their existing operational challenges. RSCS wanted to expand their process and the Blue Yonder platform to other business units and enable capabilities from a version upgrade. Their current platform was heavily customized and underutilized in its current state and their forecast fine tuning also needed to be addressed.


To kickstart this project, Plantensive initiated a comprehensive assessment of RSCS’s current systems and processes, comparing them against industry best practices. This evaluation led to the identification of areas where process improvements could be made. Plantensive advocated for streamlining the technology stack by eliminating unnecessary customizations and harnessing the native functionality of their tools.

To expedite the delivery of value and realize a quicker return on investment (ROI), Plantensive’s solution, Planning as a Service was used as an accelerator. PaaS was utilized during the deployment of solutions to onboard new business units. Following a successful implementation of refined processes, Plantensive extended this alignment across other brands serviced by RSCS. This holistic approach is aimed at standardizing and enhancing operations across the board and driving planner efficiency.


  • Forecast Accuracy: Increased knowledge around techniques enabled a cadence of incorporating market intelligence using Demand360.
  • Streamlined Business Process Flow: Ensured sustainable business process with user workflows.
  • Accelerated Time-To-Benefit: Leveraged PaaS to allow RSCS planners to focus on forecast enrichment – new menu item introduction, promotions, limited-time offering while maintaining adoption momentum.
  • Ingredient Level Planning: Unlocked store-level ingredient planning for greater visibility and accuracy .
  • KPI and Metrics Monitoring