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A Solution-Based Approach Across All Phases of Integration

Building successful integrations starts with high-performing teams that are empowered to create and drive mission-critical metrics. We partner with stakeholders and work alongside diverse client teams; our industry experts help develop assumptions of the deal, build a scalable IMO governance, and construct an integration plan that fits the needs of your organization.

We have many tools and solutions available at our disposal, which we use to provide a customized strategy. A core component of our approach includes working with client teams to individualize the development of your integration playbook and workplan. This solution-based approach helps us together to illustrate and track key IMO success metrics and drives robust results across all phases of the acquisition. This allows us to proactively mitigate risk and build a foundation to leverage for recurring integrations.

Our Phased Approach

From stakeholder engagement to workforce transition and culture migration, maximizing productivity and minimizing disruption can be challenging undertakings, especially when adhering to strict timelines. To alleviate the burden, we provide a solution, not just a person. We work alongside your team to add value and drive results across each of the three phases of acquisition integration including:

Phase 1: Pre-deal planning and diligence

We bring an understanding and recognition of synergy and value targets. This furthers our ability to provide critical support to external and internal teams while performing financial and operational due diligence on targets.

Phase 2: Integration strategy and planning

We work alongside internal stakeholders to define the appropriate roadmap and workplan, including assessing the complexity of the integration, working to stand up the integration management office (IMO), and establishing the integration escalation pathways, communication protocols, and reporting cadence.

Phase 3: Integration execution

We partner with teams to develop and execute both Day 1 and Day 100 workplans that track critical integration activities. These plans help you integrate post-LD1 processes, stabilize operations, complete first quarter reporting, successfully close post-LD1 milestones, and identify work streams and high-level activities that must be performed to achieve near-term integration priorities.

The MorganFranklin Way

Our IMO team understands the importance of a solution-based approach for driving a successful and accelerated implementation. Our action oriented, hands on, and customizable approach, helps cultivate effective teams, foster two-directional dialogue, and enables you to retain best practices for continued growth and success.

Our support spans the full lifecycle of a deal and is focused around:

  • Change leadership
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Workforce transition
  • Culture migration

Additionally, we work to integrate areas of our unique service capability, including CIO advisory and cybersecurity to further your businesses’ success.

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