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Experts in Corporate Renewal

MorganFranklin helps companies faced with underperformance and financial distress to turnaround operations, improve performance, and institutionalize change for long-term profitability.

Our approach begins with identifying the root cause of underperformance and financial distress.  Next, we develop a turnaround plan and partner with management, investors and creditors to transform the company’s operating model to sustain future profitability.  We do this by:

  1. Assessing the root cause of distress and securing liquidity to effectuate a turnaround
  2. Developing a strategic “Go-Forward” plan for renewal that reassures all parties-in-interest that proactive steps will be taken to preserve enterprise value
  3. Implementing the “Go-Forward” plan to rehabilitate, restructure, and turnaround operations in partnership with management, creditors and investors
  4. Facilitating the adoption of changes in corporate culture to support the company’s efforts to get on sound financial footing and sustain future profitability

Through the deployment of our consistent, process-driven approach we stabilize, rehabilitate, restructure, and transform a company’s operations, creating value and maximizing recoveries among stakeholders.

Stabilize, Turnaround, and Transform

Successfully executing a turnaround plan requires a focus on both today’s tactical activities and long-term strategy.  Our solutions support every aspect of the restructuring and turnaround process, from meeting immediate liquidity needs and building the go-forward plan to making strategic decisions necessary to the future growth and profitability of the enterprise.

What We Do

Financial Triage

  • Identify and prioritize the root cause of key issues and develop a plan of immediate actions
  • Stabilize financial reporting and operations
  • Valuations and financial modelling
  • Develop roadmap for short term operations
  • Collateral and financial covenants assessment
  • Business continuity planning
  • Knowledge capture, stabilization, and transfer in critical roles

Liquidity & Financial Management

  • Cash flow forecasting and working capital management
  • Liquidity enhancement initiatives – e.g., asset monetization, cost reductions
  • Short-term cash management and monitoring; vendor, lender, and customer management

Restructuring & Turnaround Planning & Execution

  • Strategic, financial, and operational assessment of current operations
  • Contingency planning (Plan “B”), scenario modeling and profitability analysis
  • Industry and benchmarking studies
  • Business plan development and analysis
  • Asset redeployment
  • Cost optimization
  • Out-of-court and in-court debt restructurings

Restructuring Advisory

  • Strategic and operational advisory
  • Program Management Office set-up and management
  • Management of communications with key stakeholders, including lenders, boards of directors, employees, investors, and creditor constituencies
  • Negotiations and dispute resolution with suppliers, lenders, customers, insurers, investors, and governmental agencies, etc.

The MorganFranklin Way

Through our involvement in hundreds of transformational engagements we know how to work through complex constituency relationships, rebuild credibility, and reassure external stakeholders that the company is efficiently and effectively addressing their challenges, while also laying the groundwork for future, long-term profitability.

MorganFranklin turns around and transforms businesses so they can thrive in the new economic reality.

  • We transform a company’s operations to thrive in a new economic reality, putting the company on a path to minimizing investment losses and maximize returns
  • We help the company create enterprise value for all stakeholders by leveraging a company’s endowment of resources and refocusing priorities on the areas that will lead to the greatest economic value
  • We reduce the risk of default in future periods by ensuring a company is prepared to operate under multiple economic scenarios
  • We promote consistency in operations, financial reporting and execution to enhance stakeholder confidence
  • We develop actionable and executable turnaround plans to drive results in both the long and short-term
  • We enable quick and informed decisions about the company’s future and investments decisions so stakeholders can feel confident they are making the right moves

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