Maximize Mission Success with Technology and Data Enablement

Public sector organizations are under tremendous stress today, as they need to do more with less and with faster turnarounds than ever before. With fiscal pressures, increasing financial oversight, fraud detection, and prevention requirements from regulators, public sector organizations are using technology-enabled solutions to play a pivotal role in policy and decision making to enhance mission effectiveness. In addition, the cost to maintain legacy technology and siloed applications is unsustainable.

Streamlining business processes, automating workflows, and implementing adequate controls are crucial. But integrating these solutions to recognize business and technology benefits is always a challenge. To maximize mission impact and mitigate risks, a coherent enterprise vision for technology strategy complemented by a disciplined implementation and adoption approach is critical for long-term success.


Technology modernization and adoption can be a complex and transformative journey while continuing to support mission operations. Orchestrating the development, production, delivery, and sustainment of a technology solution that satisfies mission requirements of multiple programs presents a formidable effort. This responsibility encompasses an expansive mission and business enterprise comprised of a significant number of stakeholders with diverse and often competing program requirements.

MorganFranklin recognizes that challenges with enterprise-wide consequences have dramatically increased in the age of pervasive information technology and digital business data. In addition, with the increasing amounts of data, organizations need to ensure that their information is properly processed, managed, monitored, and protected. Incorrect or duplicate data and redundant procedures degrade business processes and can result in hidden costs. That’s why we address technology and data-related client challenges from an enterprise perspective and deliver enterprise-focused solutions.

Our unique perspective is formed with insight, experience, and expertise gained from a diverse portfolio of Department of Defense, civilian, state, local, and Fortune 500 private sector clients. MorganFranklin offers solutions to address the following challenges:

  • Mature aging technology solutions and migrate to cloud-based solutions
  • Plan, manage, and execute technology investments strategically
  • Adopt innovative technologies to optimize mission operations
  • Improve the quality and accessibility of data
  • Increase transparency in spending and mission performance
  • Understand how to leverage data analytics, automation, and emerging data science capabilities to provide clean and accurate information to make more informed decisions

The MorganFranklin Way

MorganFranklin Consulting possesses a full suite of technology, data management, and digital transformation capabilities. Clients value our ability to bring together expertise in people, processes, technology, and data to help them prepare for growth, manage risk, and improve operations. We design and implement data strategies and integrated technology solutions to optimize mission decision making and enterprise performance.

Our team delivers technology advisory and enablement services to increase mission success, address increasing fiscal pressures by adopting innovative solutions, and reduce costs of aging technology sustainment. Our primary technology solution focus areas include:

  • Data management and analytics
  • Intelligent automation
  • Financial data & performance management
  • CIO advisory services

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