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Delivering Innovative and Sustainable Solutions

Implementing long-term sustainable solutions to eliminate audit findings and process issues can be a difficult task. Often, organizations focus on short-term stop-gap solutions that don’t address the true underlying issues or don’t establish appropriate accountability and responsibility for the resolution or sustainment of the improved process. This can further amplify the issue or result in additional cost and resources.


At MorganFranklin, we understand the importance of efficient and effective business processes and the impact on the achievement of your agency’s financial, operational, reporting, and strategic objectives. We also recognize that agencies face a number of limitations, including outdated technologies, resource and funding shortfalls, and program complexities that result in deficiencies and weaknesses within those processes. MorganFranklin offers solutions to address the following challenges:

  • Material Weaknesses or Disclaimer Conditions from your auditor
  • High Risk issues from GAO or the Inspector General
  • Competing operational and compliance priorities
  • Inadequate resources to affect change
  • Insufficient subject matter expertise to develop solutions
  • Outdated technologies
  • Inadequate business processes
  • New regulations and requirements

The MorganFranklin Way

MorganFranklin Consulting can help your agency remediate significant audit findings and process issues to meet compliance requirements and improve operational effectiveness. We work collaboratively with our clients to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions to the most complex challenges. Our creative approach includes the following critical activities:

  • Developing root cause focused corrective action plans that address the true underlying cause of the deficiencies
  • Employing project management principles to develop realistic plans and timeframes, establish stakeholder accountability, and provide stakeholder visibility into progress and risks to success
  • Implementing process improvements built on subject matter expertise and leading practices
  • Applying change management approaches that make solutions real and sustainable
  • Performing independent verification and validation to ensure remediation success

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