Enterprise-Aligned Operational Technology Security Strategy and Services

Empowering Digital Transformation through Operational Technology 

Every connected device or component carries the potential to either empower or jeopardize an organization’s operational security.

MorganFranklin’s cybersecurity practice collaborates closely with your team to develop a customized and comprehensive security program. Our goal is to protect assets and enable innovation and growth. As business-focused security architects, we have a proven track record of assisting organizations globally in designing and implementing secure foundations for their digital transformation journey.

Bridging The Gap

Understanding and reducing the disparities between IT and OT are essential for ensuring a robust security posture.

Comprehensive Services

We specialize in seamlessly integrating OT security into an organization’s existing initiatives. Our tailored solutions help ensure that you reduce risk to your OT systems while remaining resilient without disrupting your core business processes. By aligning OT security with your broader security strategies, we empower you to optimize your organization’s security posture.

  • Initial (benchmark, gap & model)  
  • Passive (observe, describe, recommend)  
  • Active (observe, verify, prescribe)  
  • Asset Inventory  
  • Identity and Access Management  
  • Perimeter Rationalization  
  • Endpoint Protections  
  • Network Segmentation  
  • Metrics & Measurement  
  • Vulnerability Management  
  • Attack Surface & Secure 
    Configuration Management  
  • OT Risk Register  
  • Secure Remote Access  


  • Solution Deployment & Integration  
  • Data Pipelines & Log Architectures  
  • Continuous Assessment  
  • Metrics & Measurement  
  • OT Security Operations Center (SOC)  
  • Adv. Vulnerability Management  
  • Threat Intelligence  
  • Phase 1 – Program Launch  
  • Phase 2 – Program Transform/Govern  
  • Phase 3 – Program Operate  
  • Phase 4 – Program Innovate  
  • Functional, Modular Components  
    • Governance, Risk and Compliance  
    • Defensible Measurement & Attestation  
    • Business & Intelligence Integration 

Enhancing Security and Collaboration for Your Organization 

Our program establishes an OT center of Excellence that further promotes collaboration between IT, OT, and business functions to bolster security within your organization. Through the integration of governance into our OT Risk Register, we enable proactive risk management by leveraging insights from OT readiness assessments. Our tailored programs are designed to suit individual environments, targeting and implementing the next steps in program evolution. With white-glove, tailored-to-fit OT Managed Security Services (MSS), we provide a holistic approach to safeguarding your operations. Additionally, our advisory services offer expert recommendations to enhance maturity levels, while our talent solutions ensure top-tier expertise to bridge any gaps and execute strategic projects. 

Holistic Approach

Embedded white-glove service
Our team is credentialed in your organization and operates as a direct extension of your security team.

Empowered team members
We prioritize collaboration, efficiency and outcome-oriented approaches.

Neutral technology perspectives
With expertise in a wide range of security technologies, our vendor-agnostic approach ensures our team prioritizes fit-for-purpose solutions.

Committed to transparency
We regularly share our status, progress, challenges, opportunities and quick wins with you.

Accountable to outcomes
Our team consistently evaluates and measures our impact, output and outcomes, providing you with the associated results.


We are experienced, engaged professionals that are highly energetic and motivated to work in challenging, high stakes environments.