Cybersecurity Innovation Center

As ever-increasing attacks combine with rapid digital transformation, ensuring your organization is prepared to withstand the latest threats has never been more challenging and important.  

The MorganFranklin Cybersecurity Innovation Center (CIC) helps answer essential questions around improving your security operations, teams, and gaining the upper hand on attackers.  

Our custom cloud-based lab environment delivers key cybersecurity insights. Here, you’ll gain insight into how security tools will function in your live environments. Give your team a better way to practice for ransomware, adversarial attacks, and to remediate emerging risks. 

The MorganFranklin Cybersecurity Innovation Center Offers:

    • Answer Critical Cybersecurity Program Questions: The CIC helps stakeholders answer critical questions about cybersecurity program functionality, how the latest vulnerabilities and attack vectors may impact their security, and more within a safe environment.
    • Utilize a Custom Built and Safe Environment: Developed as infrastructure-as-code, the CIC is fully customizable and can be torn down to protect proprietary data. The public-facing and interactive sandbox can also show how simulated attacks unfold, determine their intent, and help guide what organizations should do next to better mitigate risk.
    • Evaluate Solutions in a Vendor Agnostic Environment: MorganFranklin partners with numerous solutions providers. This enables the company to produce an unbiased analysis of how security tools perform alone and together. Clients can also use the CIC to evaluate solutions spend and optimize their program for the best value.
    • MSSP, Offensive and Defensive Practice: As part of its MSSP offering, MorganFranklin will also use the CIC to generate ongoing threat intelligence and further strengthen its offensive and defensive approaches to help clients mitigate risk against ransomware, nation-state, and other attacks.  

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The MorganFranklin Way™

MorganFranklin’s team of cybersecurity professionals harness the CIC and provide the expertise needed to help your organization prepare for rising and emerging threats. This is one key tool in our expansive portfolio of solutions, all designed to build a tailored program that meets your organization’s evolving needs and maximizes your security posture and resources.  

If you have questions, our cybersecurity experts are here to help. 


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