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Modernize the Finance Function

Are you ready to streamline and simplify your Corporate Performance Management processes?

How are you effectively planning, budgeting and forecasting to strategically support the viability and growth of your business? Are you and your team struggling to align financial and operational planning using your legacy solution and/or spreadsheets?

It’s time to bring operational, financial and strategic planning together on one platform for a more cohesive view of the enterprise. Drive long term-strategy, reduce the time needed to collect data and spend more time driving data driven decisions.

Take time to evaluate a solution that will meet your current and future needs and offers you the flexibility of deployment. Spend less time and resources maintaining multiple applications and more time on managing your business. Talk to our CPM experts and learn more about OneStream’s Unified SmartCPM™ Platform for corporate performance management:

  • The daily challenges organizations face with analytical and financial reporting
  • The shortfalls of fragmented applications
  • The advantages customers are gaining by converting to alternative solutions

OneStream XF is an alternative to legacy applications, for medium to large enterprises with sophisticated requirements. It provides a unified, extensible CPM platform that allows organizations to modernize finance and reduce complexity in the cloud or on-premise. It simplifies and aligns financial consolidation, planning, reporting and data quality processes across the enterprise. The XF MarketPlace allows customers to maximize their return on investment with pre-built solutions and customization capabilities.

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