Vendor Selection Services

MorganFranklin Consulting is a hands-on partner advising clients on complex enterprise technology  strategy. Our team comprises individuals with in-depth experience across finance, accounting, IT, governance and risk, supply chain, and technology.

With a practical and tailored strategy, we identify the technology solutions that best meet the company’s expectations and budget. We provide:

  • a technology-neutral approach
  • experience solutions across a variety of industries
  • deep functional and process expertise
  • consultant experience averages 15 years
  • practical knowledge from occupying functional leadership roles in industry

Key Aspects of Our Methodology

Our multi-phased approach is the first step in the software implementation journey. Selection begins with effectively scoping the effort, designing the optimal solution, implementing to the targeted outcome, and advancing improvement opportunities.

We apply a holistic view. We consider both existing and future state requirements to ensure a comprehensive solution.

We provide a tailored, technology-neutral approach. We identify and qualify technology options using a customized approach that is unbiased towards any specific vendor.

We involve cross-functional stakeholders. Our collaborative process includes engaging stakeholders from various departments to identify core processes, prioritize requirements, and identify areas for optimization.

We provide scalable solutions. Your business is not static, nor should the solution you select be.   We ensure that the recommended technology can support your company’s future growth and process optimization goals.

We consider the spectrum of options. We assess different architectures, ranging from monolithic solutions to best-of-breed approaches, taking into account factors like cost, ROI, and implementation complexity.

Depth of End-to-End Advisors

MorganFranklin brings functional, technical and subject matter expertise to help ensure our clients select technology that delivers optimal value for the organization’s business operations and strategic growth plans.

  • Cross-Functional Management Consultants. With process improvement excellence, our team brings cross-functional expertise (e.g., F&A, supply chain, marketing, cybersecurity, HR) and deep experience in SOX-compliant controls to enable value-driven solutions.
  • IT Consultants. Our IT professionals bring expertise across systems and architecture. Well-versed on various best-in-class systems, our team ensures the selection of a tailored and comprehensive solution.
  • Solution Experts. Our selection team has a breadth of cross-functional process knowledge and relevant industry experience necessary to select and implement the optimal technology.
  • Technical Accounting Consultants. With a team focused on monitoring the latest accounting pronouncements and helping clients implement standards, we ensure technology solutions align with GAAP and/or IFRS frameworks.

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