MorganFranklin Consulting announces the launch of its Growth Acceleration Solutions Team focused on helping companies achieve smart, fast growth.

Washington, D.C. – November 4, 2013
MorganFranklin Consulting, a business and technology consulting firm that delivers financial management, performance improvement, and technology enablement solutions to industry and government clients, today announced the launch of its Growth Acceleration Solutions Team. The team will be led by Managing Director, Shawn Degnan, and will cater to serving fast-growing businesses with an eye towards an IPO, sale, or continued growth.

“We help companies grow smart and fast.” said Shawn Degnan, Managing Director and Growth Markets Lead at MorganFranklin Consulting. “It is important that companies make the thoughtful decisions today that will equate to less risk, fewer disruptions, and greater scalability in the future.”

Shawn Degnan has over 14 years of experience in transaction services, SEC reporting, technical accounting, and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance. He has taken numerous companies public over the last two years, and has worked hand in hand with bankers, attorneys, and executive teams to plan for an IPO and for life as a public company. The team has a successful track record and proven hands-on experience working with fast growing companies across finance and IT departments as they adapt to growth.

“We are committed to partnering with high growth companies. We understand the constraints and growth challenges these companies face, and are equally inspired by their vision.” said C.E. Andrews, CEO of MorganFranklin Consulting. “MorganFranklin brings a full suite of expertise from technical accounting to IT strategy in order to prepare for and manage rapid growth.”

The Growth Acceleration Solutions Team is focused on helping venture and private equity backed companies overcome hurdles that can prevent them from achieving smart, fast growth.

About MorganFranklin Consulting

MorganFranklin Consulting ( is a global management and technology consulting firm that works with leading businesses and government.  The firm helps organizations solve their most pressing challenges and address critical finance, technology, and business objectives. MorganFranklin is headquartered in the Washington D.C. area with regional offices in Atlanta and San Francisco, and supports clients across the globe.

MorganFranklin Consulting is the brand name referring to the global organization of MorganFranklin, Inc. and its subsidiary MorganFranklin Consulting, LLC.

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