Where are you on the road to NetSuite success? If NetSuite’s business solution is at the center of your organization, it may be time to REPORT & INTEGRATE. Read how one organization built automated integrations to other systems that feed NetSuite or require data from NetSuite.


On a daily basis, the client was performing extensive analytics on financial and operational data and needed to develop integrations between NetSuite and the data warehouse.

Developed a custom interface that selected financial data from NetSuite. Then transformed and passed the data to the data warehouse, where the data was transformed into extensive financial, revenue, and operational cubes. The solution included:

  • Custom scripts that sourced data from NetSuite, taking into account the NetSuite data model and operational issues
  • 3 extensive data cubes that refreshed nightly

Impact & Value
The ability to report on data near real time and present information to executives in order for them to make informed business decisions.