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Every IPO involves a cast of the usual suspects: the board of directors, corporate leadership, auditors, SEC counsel, underwriter counsel, investors, and analysts. But is someone missing from the table?

“In navigating the IPO process, I saw a new role evolve that became invaluable to our team,” said John Baule, CFO of ChannelAdvisor, a leading provider of cloud-based e-commerce solutions that went public in May 2013.

Who filled this new seat at the table for ChannelAdvisor? Baule credits this “enabler” with “bringing the technical expertise and ‘get-it-done’ attitude required to focus on priorities and respond efficiently to the many requirements from the lawyers, bankers, auditors, and tax accountants. With all of the moving parts that come with preparing for an IPO, it was critical to have this partner enabling the puzzle pieces to come together.”

Who is ‘The Enabler’?
The Enabler: Committed to the well-being of the CFO and CEO during the high-intensity period leading up to an IPO.

  • Knows all the moving parts
  • Acts as a liaison
  • Avoids duplicate efforts
  • Eliminates stress on the team