As more companies have shifted to a SaaS model, the spend vs. utilization debate has emerged at the forefront. According to a recent report, almost 30% of SaaS spend is wasted by underutilization or non-use, and only about 30% are even tracking their SaaS usage.

One of the biggest hurdles is the purchase of digital software solutions throughout different divisions within the company, which makes it increasingly difficult to manage from an IT perspective. The report also stated that many companies are “panic buying” to quickly solve for business issues and solutions, but they are failing to right-size the solution offerings to their business need. This quickly surmounts to an overabundance of software solutions that are underutilized and over-purchased company wide.

With any SaaS software investment, continuous improvement opportunities exist to right-size and staff the user community, update training as new versions are released, respond to change management challenges, and capture increased business value by expanding the software footprint across the organization.

It’s no surprise that 48% of executives polled want to make progress on the improvement of managing their SaaS products.

Plantensive has years of experience assisting companies with their Blue Yonder SaaS implementation, migration, and utilization management. We can help your company optimize its Blue Yonder SaaS investment via our:

  • Complete assessment of your Blue Yonder supply chain software utilization, including a fit-gap analysis to your current business requirements
  • Report on any underutilized modules or features within your current Blue Yonder software stack
  • Recommendations on potential value-add services & solutions
  • Application training to enhance user adoption and adherence
  • Managed Services to support ongoing maintenance and performance tuning of your supply chain & retail planning solutions
  • Support services to continually assess/recommend SaaS improvements

As MorganFranklin’s supply chain team, we are process experts with deep technical capability and we partner with market-leading software solution providers. As our clients take on more software, we’re focused on making sure investments yield the highest possible return, and that users are making the most of their available tools.

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