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Nonprofit Organizations

Maximize Your Mission.

As a nonprofit, you are focused on furthering a particular social cause or advocating for a shared point of view. You are dedicated to connecting people, championing humanitarian causes, or supporting a profession. To best do this, you must use your funding diligently and put all dollars to their best use.

Challenges Nonprofits Face

Operating a successful nonprofit requires more than just adequate funding and good management. While raising funds feels like your primary challenge, it’s equally important to run your operations efficiently and effectively. Some challenges nonprofits face include:

  • Complex accounting issues
  • Ensuring accurate financial and donor impact reporting
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Projecting sources and uses of funds
  • Implementing process improvement strategies
  • Data governance and analysis
  • Reputational risk and security threat management

The MorganFranklin Way

At MorganFranklin, we’re committed to helping nonprofit organizations carry out their missions and achieve their objectives. Our seasoned professionals possess in-depth industry knowledge and can assist with complex technical accounting issues and strategic guidance to help optimize your accounting and finance functions as well as your technology investments. We offer a wide array of consulting services aimed at helping your organization operate more efficiently and successfully, including assistance with the following areas.

Accounting, Budgeting, and Reporting

  • Providing timely answers to technical accounting questions, including implementation of new accounting standards
  • Stepping in to fill day-to-day operational needs
  • Metrics dashboards data analytics, and customized key performance indicators
  • Budgeting, forecasting, and cash management
  • Policies and procedure development
  • Cost accounting standards (CAS)
  • Recording and presentation of net asset classes
  • OMB Circulars
  • Federal acquisitions regulations (FAR)
  • Federal and state grants management

Compliance and Regulation Advisory

  • Audit readiness
  • GAAP basis financial reporting
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Internal control procedures
  • Contract compliance
  • Internal audit

For organizations spending federal funds that are subject to OMB Uniform guidance compliance requirements, we also provide:

  • Assistance with understanding and operationalizing federal grants and uniform guidance requirements
  • Audit remediation support on financial statements and compliance audits.

Strategy & Implementation

  • Business strategy (e.g., target operating model and organizational design)
  • Operational Improvement (e.g., pledge/gift process redesign and optimization and financial close, consolidation, and reporting process improvement)
  • Digital transformation (e.g., digital procurement optimization)
  • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Technology Advisory

  • IT strategy and planning
  • IT transformation, including system selection and implementation
  • Security, compliance, and regulatory requirements

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