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We Realize Untapped Value by Optimizing Your Supply Chain & Retail Plan

Realizing value is essential to today’s supply chain and retail planning. Whether you are getting ready for digital business transformation or optimization, you need a strategy that is practical, sustainable, and effective for your business, infrastructure, and culture. From solution road mapping to implementing strategy, MorganFranklin is an experienced, trusted partner with a proven track record. We’ve got you covered, helping your company take full advantage of your investments and maximize ROI.

Supply Chain & Retail Planning Investments

Are you under leveraging your supply chain & retail planning resources? Finding an experienced, trusted partner with a proven track record is critical to take full advantage of your investments and maximize ROI.

.0001 Matters to Us

Plantensive partners with you to provide objective, end-to-end supply chain & retail planning optimization solutions. We bring practical expertise, proven methodologies and accelerators to system and workflow optimization including:

Segmentation Analysis

We identify product, supplier and customer segments and use historical data to align supply and customer fulfillment strategies to squeeze incremental profit from your supply chain. We add dimensions to your ABC classification to optimize supply strategies and reduce costs while still exceeding customer service levels.

Operations Assessments

Our rapid operations assessment uses best practice concepts, as well as Gartner DDVN Maturity Model® and SCOR Model® insights to deliver a 90-day ROI-based roadmap for improvement.

Project Readiness Assessments

We assess your current organizational capabilities across people, process, and technology and recommend improvement opportunities prior to critical project kickoff to ensure readiness and reduce implementation risk.

Integrated Business Planning

Informed decision making happens when your corporate strategic plan is linked with your annual operating plan. We build an integrated business planning process aligned with your culture that extends your S&OP intelligence to include supply chain & retail planning strategy, product development, diverse customer demand and supplier capacity.

Access To Experts When You Need Them

When you need access to deep technical or industry experience, we provide subject matter expertise in critical supply chain & retail planning capabilities – S&OP, Integrated Business Planning, Metrics (that matter), New Product Launch and Exit, Segmentation, Partner and Customer Collaboration and Industry Specific Demand and Supply Planning Strategies.

The MorganFranklin Way

We help companies anticipate and respond to supply chain challenges with our team of experts who have “seen it before.”

Whether we work with you remotely or deploy experts onsite, you can count on the MorganFranklin team to dovetail seamlessly with your organization and give you peace of mind. We’re with you all the way through to completion, ensuring the job will get done in a high-quality, timely manner. From solution road mapping to implementing strategy, we’ve got you covered.

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