Key Government Contracts

GSA Vehicles

  • GSA Professional Services Schedule (PSS)
  • GSA IT 70
  • GSA OASIS-SB (Sub)
  • GSA Human Capital & Training Services (HCaTS) Pool 2 (Sub)

Multi-Award Contracts

  • IMF’s Office of Internal Audit – Master Services Agreement (Prime)
  • NCUA Office of the CFO Professional Services BPA (Prime)
  • Seaport-e (Prime)
  • Seaport-NxG (Prime)
  • DHS OCFO Financial Management and Financial Operations Support Services BPA (Prime/CTA)
  • DHS Assessment for Internal Control Support Services BPA (Prime/CTA)
  • OUSD(C) Cost Management Support (Prime/CTA)
  • Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) One OIT (Prime/CTA)
  • DLA L&MR LOGS Support BPA – DoD Wide (Sub)
  • DoN FIAR (Sub)
  • HHS Office of Finance Financial Accounting, Policy and Reporting Services BPA (Sub)
  • Navy BUMED BOS (Sub)
  • Navy Global Business Solutions for Non-Personal Temporary Services – SB (Sub)
  • Navy MPTE BMSS (Sub)
  • USDA Financial Management BPA (Sub)
  • VA T4NG (Sub)

General Services Administration (GSA) IT70 Schedule

Agency: GSA
Contract #: GS-35F-411DA
Information Technology (IT 70)
Value/Type: N/A – MAC with T&M Cost Plus and FFP orders
Contract Details

General Services Administration (GSA) PSS Schedule

Agency: GSA
Contract #: GS-00F-157GA
Mission-Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS)
Financial and Business Solutions (FABS)
Value/Type: N/A – MAC with T&M Cost Plus and FFP orders
Contract Details

U.S. Navy SeaPort-e

Agency: DoD, U.S. Navy
Contract #: N00178-15-D-8326
Value/Type: $178B ceiling, multiple-award contract, orders all types except T&M
Contract Details


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