Manage, Investigate and Gather Evidence on Events or Incidents, Respond Appropriately, and Recover

Prepare for Incidents, Mitigate Damage

A strategic incident response plan is critical to organizations of all shapes, sizes, and industries. In order to stay functioning, it’s imperative to have a plan in place that will get an organization up and running swiftly in the event of a cyber attack. MorganFranklin has the experience and consulting expertise an organization needs to implement an incident response plan that will allow for recovery from the unique incidents and breaches that threaten business.


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Cyber Incident Response Team (CIRT)

MorganFranklin’s cyber incident response strategists have decades of experience having worked with companies of all structures, sizes, and specialties. We can provide the expertise and skillsets required to appropriately and effectively investigate breaches in any organization and formulate an incident response plan that allows for a swift and strategic recovery.

  1. Preparation: Ensure the right plans, policies, call trees, and other documentation are in place in the event of an attack. Identify the key teams and members of an incident response team, including external parties, like MorganFranklin.
  2. Identification: Dealing with an event or incident? Security events —  phishing emails, brute force attacks, employee negligence, and the like — happen daily. Security incidents are events that have resulted in a privacy or data breach.
  3. Containment: Contain the breach to limit the amount of damage caused to systems.
  4. Eradicate: In order to restore systems, they should be clean. This can require a complete reimage or restore from a trusted backup.
  5. Recover: Secure a safe time to bring systems back into production. Be ready to monitor for any additional signs of distress.
  6. Evaluate: What has been learned from the attack? How did the organization handle it? What can be improved upon in the future.

Executive Guidance & Internal Coordination After an Incident

The best defense against a cyber attack is a carefully implemented incident response process rooted in business logistics and risk intelligence. MorganFranklin understands that many parties are often involved in these situations to ensure the continued success of a company. We’ll work in tandem with executives, guiding them on the appropriate actions, responses, and communications during any kind of event or incident. Our cyber experts will coordinate with all relevant parties including cyber forensics, on-site security/IT, public relations and disaster recovery teams as needed to handle breaches with poise.

The MorganFranklin Way™

MorganFranklin helps your organization generate risk intelligence that directly benefits your incident response strategy. In the event of a cyber attack, you’ll always be prepared against the latest threats with the best defenses.

MorganFranklin’s capabilities include:


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