Implement Security Monitoring and Detection Tools and Services

Discovering Attacks and Breaches is Harder than it Sounds

Security monitoring and detection are vital components to having a secure environment. Without these features and capabilities, organizations do not have visibility into what is happening on their networks- leaving them susceptible to all kinds of attacks, exploits, anomalies and undetected insider activity. Traditional forms of cybersecurity operations are no longer enough to meet modern security needs.


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Operationalize Threat Intelligence

Let MorganFranklin step in to evaluate unique network system needs and security requirements. We will determine the best approach to protect critical data and systems, implementing detection and monitoring solutions, tools, and writing company procedures to follow during various scenarios and operating conditions. Our methodology begins by identifying potential issues before they occur, then implementing complementary and layered tools and procedures in order to prevent those issues from developing.

Our advisors are experienced professionals, providing a blend of leadership and industry know-how to advance an organization’s InfoSec expertise specifically in threat detection and monitoring. We guide and work with the InfoSec team to operationalize the threat intelligence in order to make risk-based and process-guided decisions during the most stressful situations.

SIEM + SOC = Security Operations, Monitoring and Detection Capabilities

For organizations not needing to build or develop their own Security Operations Center (SOC as a service) and Managed Services, MorganFranklin offers custom cybersecurity operations plans that focus on monitoring and detection, utilizing an organization’s existing SIEM (if one is already implemented and established), and adding on the SOC services required for a successful security operation structure. If an organization also requires SIEM service recommendations and integration, our team can address those needs.

For successful security monitoring and detection, consider these requirements:

  • Appropriate SIEM integration & deployment
  • SOC support and expertise, level-based (L1, L2, L3 SOC team) or role-based approach, most cost-effective is an outsourced structured MSSP.
  • Creation of a SOC Detection Capabilities Outline- Including processes, procedures, specifications, and playbooks.

Implementing comprehensive security operations, including the right monitoring and detection functions, is critical to identifying attacks and decreasing the impact of network data breaches.

The MorganFranklin Way™

MorganFranklin’s team of cybersecurity professionals understand that your organization’s needs are unique. We leverage our team to help your organization prepare for and protect from cyber attacks. We can also implement strategies that allow you to better build, run and maintain systems in the event of a data breach or cyber attack.

Our cybersecurity operations solutions include:


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