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Taking Your Company Public?

When considering an IPO, companies often focus on the steps needed to file with the SEC but lose sight of the broader issue of preparing to be a publicly traded company. An IPO is not just a transaction but rather a transformation.

IPO Readiness Challenges

Successfully filing a Form S-1 with the SEC involves careful preparation and a series of key activities. Companies generally require expert direction and assistance from many external advisors, each with its own critical role, responsibilities, and timelines. Coordinating these interdependent timelines into one integrated work plan is instrumental to the success of the transaction.

Additionally, preparing to be a publicly traded company is truly an entity-wide transformation, often requiring each function of a company to mature to address the challenges of operating as a public company.

The MorganFranklin Way

We believe that the key to becoming a successful public company is two-fold. Preparing a successful filing to access the capital markets at the right time—with the right story and with reliable and accurate financial information—is just the initial phase.  The second, and perhaps more challenging phase, is preparing for life as a public company.

Because it’s easy to underestimate the time and capital required to execute a successful IPO, MorganFranklin helps companies develop an integrated IPO roadmap addressing both the steps for executing an IPO as well as transforming into a public company.  Executing in accordance with this plan, MorganFranklin works in lockstep with its clients to assist with critical activities, including:

Filing with the SEC

  • Drafting SEC-compliant disclosures
  • “Stepping up” to PCAOB-compliant audits
  • Drafting the Management’s Discussion & Analysis and developing KPI metrics
  • Addressing technical accounting and SEC “Hot Topics”
  • Evaluating new accounting standards
  • Responding to SEC comment letters

Life as a Public Company

  • Assessing and implementing technology
  • Creating an SEC reporting function
  • Reducing financial statement close time
  • Standing-up an FP&A function
  • Preparing for compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act

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