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Treasury Management Consulting Services

Kyriba Healthcheck

Optimize Kyriba’s Performance to Improve Cash Efficiency and Build Strategic Alignment

Morganfranklin’s healthcheck is designed to improve your team’s performance by highlighting improvement areas to support enhanced cash efficiency, improved decision making and mitigate risk.

Areas of Evaluation

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  • User Management
  • Dual Administration
  • Workspace
  • Control Center

Core Set Up

  • Accounting, Banking
  • Cash Management & Forecasting
  • Cash Pooling & In-house bank,
  • Deal Capture, GL Reconciliation, Netting, Payments, Supply Chain


  • Bank connectivity
  • Data Exchange
  • FTP
  • Import/Export


  • Current support model
  • Outstanding issues
  • Remediation of issues

Find out your score with one of our treasury management experts.

During the one hour working session, we will focus on examining how you use the Kyriba modules within each of the four areas listed above. Based on your responses we will provide a detailed report that establishes where your treasury organization currently stands and its current level of maturity. Additionally, our experts will then arm you and your team the knowledge and expertise to maximize your Kyriba treasury management system.

Plan a Kyriba Healthcheck


  1. Initial – Success depends on heroics of the people.
  2. Managed – Requirements are manage, processes planned, performed, measured, and controlled.
  3. Defined – standards, process descriptions, and procedures for a project are tailored.
  4. Optimizing – Continually improving process performance, incremental and innovative technological improvements.


  1. Metric and graphical representation to identify key areas of improvements, system shortcoming, and highest risk.
  2. You will receive 1-hour session with our experts who will provides you with the basic knowledge of utilization opportunities, improvements, database hygiene and data accuracy.

The report will provide you with enough data, to allow your team to make strategic decisions about your Kyriba application.

  1. Maintaining your application.
  2. Expand with new modules, users, integrations.
  3. Establish new processes, policies and procedures.
  4. Understand the latest and greatest releases/new features.

MorganFranklin is a Kyriba Platinum Plus Partner.

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