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Microsoft Dynamics GP is a powerful, full-featured enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that is used by more than 50,000 businesses and organizations worldwide.

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Is your GP system underutilized?

Inefficiencies can manifest themselves in several ways. Among the telltale signs are:

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Schedules and reports maintained outside the financial system

If users are relying on Excel to create reports or maintain schedules, chances are those reports or schedules involved rekeying data or combing Dynamics GP data with data from outside sources in a multistep process. Users will often say that they think what they need should be available from the system, but they don’t know how to produce it.

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Delivery system is paper-based

If workflow involves reviewing and approving paper documents, and no one can say with certainty where a document is in the process, there is an opportunity to improve efficiency.

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System isn’t meeting your needs

Users who are inadequately trained, or their managers will often point to the system as the source of the problem. They recognize the bottlenecks and know a better way must be available, but believe they are constrained by the system’s limitations.

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The investment you’ve made in Dynamics GP is significant, and maximizing it requires a periodic system review. Without it, the capabilities of the platform remain underutilized and both management and user frustration levels will increase. The goal of the review should not only be to uncover existing system issues, but also to understand how requirements or priorities have changed and ultimately to know what is management‘s vision for the new system. Talk to our experts today!

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