Washington, D.C. – June 19, 2008
MorganFranklin Corporation, a professional services and solutions provider to government and business leaders on high-stakes financial, operational and IT issues, today announced it has been awarded the ‘Workplace Excellence’ seal of approval from the Alliance for Workplace Excellence. The Seal recognizes visionary employers that are paving the way to a workplace where men and women are able to experience professional fulfillment and success and personal wellness not only at work but also at home and within the community.

The Alliance for Workplace Excellence, funded by Montgomery County, Maryland and corporate sponsors, is a nonprofit organization that provides a portfolio of services that allow employees to build excellent places to work. Recognizing existing Excellent Places to Work throughout the Greater Washington, DC Area is one component of the Alliance’s mission.

In order to be considered for the awards, businesses were required to complete a comprehensive and rigorous assessment process led by an independent review panel of professors, PhD professionals, and PhD students of business, industrial and organizational psychology and Human Resources. The final judgment was based on an overall assessment of the following categories:

  • Inclusive and flexible corporate culture and management practices;
  • Family and employee friendly policies and practices;
  • Strong employee health and wellness initiatives;
  • Comprehensive growth and learning opportunities; and
  • Demonstration to corporate social responsibility and employee volunteerism.

“In order to be successful in high-stakes environments, we remain committed to building a strong culture that promotes creativity and collaboration yet doesn’t sacrifice flexibility and the welfare of our employees,” said Robert Morgan, MorganFranklin CEO. “This commitment has lead to sustained growth year over year and an above average retention rate which is something we are very proud of.”

About MorganFranklin Consulting

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MorganFranklin Consulting is the brand name referring to the global organization of MorganFranklin, Inc. and its subsidiary MorganFranklin Consulting, LLC.

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